Play-by-Play Summary of the Jets Game - Defense Grades



As you saw, we ran 14 series on offense against the Jets.  They had 17 against us, including the last play kneel-down.


I'll use the same format as I did with the Offense Grading.  Here it goes:

Series #1 (after the interception of the Matt Moore pass)

1and10, Q1, 11:57 Jets 8.  RB 23/Greene rushes for 5, brought down by 31/Richard Marshall.

2nd5, 11:15, Jets 13.  Mark Sanchez is sacked by a powerful rush by 91/Everette Brown, back to their 5.

3and13, Jets 5.  LaDainian Tomlinson rushes for 20 yds, off LT.  This will turn out to be the only meaningful offensive play of the night by the Jets, as our Defense stiffens up in a hurry.

1and10, 10:07, Jets 25. 1 yd run, our DT 61/Derek Landri making a nice tackle at the LOS.

2and9, 9:25, Jets 26.  Screen pass to Greene loses a yd, thanks to a fine pursuit tackle by MLB 55/Dan Connor.

3and 10, 8:42, Jets 25.  Pass attempt by Sanchez is almost intercepted by 20/Chris Gamble, who covers the pass well.  He should have held onto it for the INT.  We force a punt, but it's allowed to fall untouched by 10/Armanti Edwards, and after touching a Panther blocker (29/Jordan Pugh) the Jets fall onto it, to regain possession.

Series #2.

1and10, 8:25, our 35.  5 yd gain on a draw to LT, 52/Jon Beason on the tackle.

2and5, 7:42, our 30.  95/Charles Johnson leaps to deflect a Sanchez pass, almost intercepted by 52/Beason.

3and5, 7:37, our 30.  7 yd slant pass to Cotchery, for a FD.  This despite tight coverage by 31/Marshall.

1and10, 6:57, our 23. Greg Hardy is now in at LDE, replacing CJohnson.  A second sack is recorded by 91/EBrown, for a 7 yd loss.

2and17, 6:25, our 30.  Attempted screen pass goes incomplete.

3and17, 6:21, our 30.  A 5 yd completion comes up short of a FD, the receiver being nicely ridden OOB by 41/Captain Munnerlyn.  They kick a 43 yd FG to put us down 0-3.


Series #3.

1and10, 4:01, Jets 36.  76/Hardy now at RDE, 95/CJohnson at LDE, 91/EBrown taking a break.  A 1 yd run, stopped by a solid tackle by 99/Ed Johnson.

2and9, 3:26, Jets 37.  8 yd run, tackle made by 52/Beason and 95/CJohnson

3and1, 2:49, Jets 45.  2 yd run for a FD.

1and10, 2:09, Jets 47.  Long downfield pass, well overthrown.

2and10, 2:01, Jets 47.  1 yd rush, tackled by 76/Hardy and 50/James Anderson.

3and9, 1:22, Jets 48.  Under rush pressure from 76/Hardy, at LDE, Sanchez overthrows his receiver, incomplete.  They're forced to punt, but this again leads to an instant turnover, as 10/Edwards fumbles the catch.


Series #4.

1and10, 1:04, our 12.  Here the defense shows its will.  Forced immediately back on the field, they refuse to yield a TD in the Red Zone.  61/Derek Landri makes a tackle for a 7 yd loss, after 52/Beason blitzes up the middle.

2and17, :18, our 19.  Another TFL, this time by 41/Munnerlyn, on a screen pass.  This ends the 1Q.

3and20, Q2, 15:00, our 22.  Short pass is complete for 5 yds, but well short of a FD.  They kick a second FG to put us down 0-6.


Series #5. 

1and10, 11:00, Jets 20.  A run for 2 yds.

2and8, 10:45, Jets 22.  Mark Brunell now in at QB, throws an incompletion under strong rush pressure from DT 93/Tank Tyler, who almost gets the sack, and explodes on Brunell.

3and8, 10:39, Jets 22.  76/Hardy makes a 5 yd TFL on an intended rush, but the outstanding play is nullified, as we were called (on a Challenge by Ryan) for having 12 men on the field (94/Louis Leonard couldn't get to the sidelines before the snap.)

3and3, 10:35, Jets 27.  Slant pass attempt cut off by 41/Munnerlyn, who should've had the pick6.  They punt.  And after this series, they pretty much just keep on punting.


Series #6


1and10, 7:08, Jets 36.   I'll abbreviate here, as this is the first of 3 straight 3 and outs, a DC's dream come true.  This series includes tackles by 52/Beason, and a 3 yd loss on a swing pass, stopped by 55/Connor.


Series #7.

1and10, 4:31, Jets 38.   On this series, 76/Hardy makes a nice stop on a 2 yd run, from his RDE position, then 94/Leonard stuffs an inside run for no gain, and a 3rd down pass goes incomplete, with pressure brought by 61/Landri and 95/CJohnson.


Series #8.

1and10, 1:47, Jets 33.  More defensive domination by the Panthers - an incomplete pass of no note, a completed pass which 52/Beason turns into a 1 yd loss, and an ex-Pantherlike 5 yd draw play.


Series #9.

Q3, 15:00, 1and10, Jets 20  Clemons now in at QB, we line up with 76/Hardy and 91/EBrown at DE's.  They gain 5 on a rush, 91/EBrown on the tackle.

2and4, 14:30, Jets 25.  LB 59/Nic Harris and S 25/Marcus Hudson combine to strip the ball-carrier, forcing a fumble which is recovered by 98/Nick Hayden.  (at this point, is there ANYBODY on the defense who's NOT been singled out for outstanding play?)


Series #10.

1and10, 12:09, Jets 20.  2 running plays yield 6 yds.

3and4, 11:52, Jets 26.  98/Hayden misses a sealing tackle, and they just make a FD.

1and10, 11:14, Jets 30.  5 yd pass.

2and5, 10:45, Jets 35.  Clemons' deep sideline pass is nicely broken up by 27/C.J. Wilson (new name), who lands on the side of his face and leaves the game looking goofy.

3and5, 10:37, Jets 35.  A wobbly wounded duck of a pass finds its way into the hands of a lucky receiver, for a FD at midfield.

1and10, 9:50, our 45.  4 yd pass completion in the right flat, nicely tackled by 32/Witherspoon, and assisted by 76/Hardy, who chased the play down like somebody was trespassing on his gold claim.  He pursues!

2and6, 9:20, our 41.  2 yd run.  Stuffed.

3and4, 8:45, our 39   Nice TFL of 1 yd by 29/Pugh, who plays some tough Safety.  They punt again.


Series 11.

1and10, 4:16, Jets 8.  Our DLine is now 66/Eric Moore, 68/Neblitt, 92/Norwood, and 91/EBrown.  66/Moore (More Moore??) almost gets a safety, as he tackles the QB for a sack at the one.

2and7, 3:43, Jets 1.  2 yd run.

3and15, 3:07, Jets 3.  Another sack, this time by 66/Moore and 68/Neblitt.  The punt, however, is fumbled by 81/KMoore (Less Moore?), and the Jets get it back again.  I noticed fleetingly that 18/Oliver Young was spotted on Special Teams on that play.  Just saying.


Series #12.

1and10, 2:24, our 49.  4 yd pass in the flat, nicely defended by our CB 36/Robert McClain.

2and6, 1:55, our 45.  6 yd run, tackled by 29/Pugh.

1and10, 1:07, our 39.  5 yd run, again tackled by 29/Pugh, who is active from his S spot.

2and5, :27, our 34.  8 yd run, tackled by 25/Hudson

1and10, Q4, 15:00, our 26.  1 yd run, tackled by 68/Neblitt and 52/Norwood.

2nd9, 14:22, our 25.  Tired of these gains?  The D was, too, so 66/EMoore gets another sack on the QB.

3and5, 13:43, our 31.  Incomplete pass.  They settle for another FG, to put us behind 3-9.


Series #13.  (after our ST allows the big PR, to our 9, this happens:)

Q4, 1and10, 10:54, our 9. Our LB 54/Mortty Ivy and 29/good ol' Pugh force a fumble, which is recovered by 66/Neblitt, saving a TD.


Series #14.  (#7/O'Connell now in at QB for the Jets)

1and10, 9:02, Jets 41.  Pass batted down at the line by 76/Hardy.  He's still in there, plugging.

2and10, 8:58, Jets 41.  6 yd run, tackled by 76/Hardy.

3and4, 8:20, Jets 47.  Incomplete pass, punt, and the first of yet another 3 consecutive 3 and outs by our Defense!


Series #15.

1and10, 5:01, Jets 30.  We blitz with S 29/Pugh and LB 49/Sean Ware, leading to no gain on a run.

2and10, 8:58, Jets 30.  2 yd run, tackled nicely by DT 60/Corvey Irvin.  Everybody now getting into the act.

3and8, 3:40, Jets 32.  Incomplete pass, broken up by 32/Witherspoon, in at CB.  They punt.


Series #16. (after they intercept Clausen's pass.)

1and10 1:38, our 36.  Nice tackle by LB 49/Ware, for no gain.

2and10, 1:35, our 36  TFL of 2 yds, by 66/EMoore.

3and 12, 1:05, our 38.  TFL again, this time by 68/Neblitt and 98/Hayden.  Good to see pressure from our 2 DT's.


Series #17


1and10, 0:11, our 12.  They kneel to end the game.


Somebody help me, and count the number of our Defensive players, who I've singled out for good plays.  There are sooo many.  Whodathunkit?

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