Play-by-Play Summary of the Jets game - Offense Grades First



We ran 14 offensive series against the Jets.

I originally undertook this video review to compare the performances of Matt Moore and Jimmy Clausen, to separate the fact from the fiction.  But it led to a complete play-by-play grading, which involved a lot of slo-mo to check out who missed the blocks that led to sacks, who could've caught passes that were incomplete, who got offensive penalties called on them to stall drives, etc, etc

In a second installment, I'll do the same for the defense, which is more fun, but equally tedious, as there are a host of subs in there who showed up big, that some of you may have overlooked.

Hope this isn't too difficult to follow, but I've arranged the plays in order, with time and distance, and field position. I'll use numbers and last names to identify the culprits, and the studs.

Series #1.  Q1 (after 33/Goodson KR to our 14) 14:56.  1and 10.  Dump-off screen to 34/Williams gains no yds, as 67/Kalil fails to sustain his block on 77/Jenkins.

2and10, 14:14, Car 14.  Off tackle run by 34/Wms gains only a yd.

3and 9, 13;38, Car 15.  Great protection, great throw, great catch, 3/Moore to 81/KMoore, for 26 yards.  Everybody on the field for us would get an A grade for this play.

1and10, 12:51, Car 40.  Seven yd rush by 34/Wms.  Offense looks sharp to start, blocking has been crisp.

2and3, 12:08, Car 48.  QB calls audible at the line, seeing Jets Safety 36/Leonhard favoring the right side of our field, and throws deep to 11/LaFell, down the left sideline.  LaFell has his CB (20) beaten, but Leonhard sniffs it out and closes from center field to make the INT.  After numerous viewings, I'm of the opinion that LaFell could've and should've made an effort to dive for the ball, and had he done so, he probably would've broken up the INT.  This is a close one, and I'm being subjective.  Couldn't see if the CB delayed LaFell on his route....more after the jump...

Series #2. (after their first FG puts us down 0-3, 33/Goodson elects not to run the KO out) Q1, 5:34,

1and10, our 20.  Seven yd run by 34/Wms.

2and3, 4:54, our 27.  Completely missed block by 47/King, on the blitzing 36/Leonhard leads to an immediate sack on 3/Moore, who has no chance.

3and12, 4:28, our 18.  Good pass to 11/LaFell, over the middle, at the 30, but he coughs it up after contact.  We then punt, and a strong tackle is made by 15/Wallace Wright.


Series #3. (after their second FG puts us down 0-6, their KO is returned to our 31 by upback 36/Robert McClain, who fielded it at the 13.)

Q2, 1and10, 14:13, our 31.  With 15/Wright and 81/KMoore now in at WRs, 34/Wms picks up 5 on a run around LE.

2and5, 13:36, our 36.  34/Wms up the middle for another 3 yds.

3and 2, 12:53, our 39.  15 yd pass to 11/LaFell down the left sideline, for a FD.  Looked to me as if he could have picked up more yds, had he not elected to step OOB.  He was untouched.

1and10, 12:25, Jets 46.  Seven yd run by 34/Wms.

2and3, 11:35, Jets 39,  Incomplete pass, dropped by 34/Wms in the flat.  Catchable ball.

3and3, 11:34, Jets 39.  Slant pass to 81/KMoore, at Jets 36, ruled incomplete, but looked to be an obvious hold by their ILB (Fox and Smith livid on sidelines.)  WR's on the play were LaFell, Wright, and KMoore.  We punt.


Series #4. (after their punt goes OOB.)

1and 10, 10:08, our 36.  One yd loss on a run by 34/Wms.

2and11, 9:32, our 35.  A holding penalty on 47/King sets us back 10.

2and21, 9:03, our 25.  Seven yd pass completion to Rosario.

3and 14, 8:22, our 32.  QB sacked by a LB, 7-man blitz, losing 10.  The LB gets between 70/Wharton and 67/Kalil, who are busy blocking other rushers.

4and24, 7:18, our 22.  Two consecutive False Start penalties (on 42/Fiammetta and then 88/Rosario) put us back to our 12, from whence we punt.  (3 penalties and a sack on this series; what's a body to do?)


Series #5. (after a defensive 3 and out forces them to punt.)

1and10, 4:57, our 12.  88/Rosario drops an easy 6yd pass in the flat.

2and10, 4:53, our 12.  Pass to 47/King is knocked down.  Good defense.

3and 10, 4:48, our 12.  Perfectly set-up screen to 22/Sutton in the left flat falls helplessly incomplete, as Sutton stumbles and falls on his backside.  This probably would've gained 30 yds, if he'd caught it, as he had an empty field down the left side.  Murphy's Law again proven universal.  We again punt.


Series #6.  (after another 3 and out by our D forces them to punt back to us.)

1and10, 2:52, our 25.  An 11 yd pass intended for 81/KMoore is dropped.

2and10, 2:46, our 25.  Rush by 22/Sutton loses a yd

3and11, 2:15, our 24.  Deep pass down the left sideline to 81/KMoore.  The throw is perfectly led and hits KMoore in the hands, at the Jets 35 (41 yds in the air from the LOS), but he drops it.  We punt


Series #7.  (after a good PR by 41/Munnerlyn, of 24 yds.)

1and10, :50, our 43.  Slant pass complete to 80/Jarrett for 3 yds.

2and7, :28, our 46.  Another slant to 80/Jarrett, for 6 yds.

3and1, :07, our 48.  Incomplete to 11/LaFell.  Hard to tell whether the pass was underthrown, or LaFell just made no effort to come back for the ball.

4and1, :01, our 48.  Wright, Jarrett, and LaFell go out for a Hail Mary, incomplete, ending the first half.  And that's all for Matt Moore for the evening.  I won't judge his performance.  It's all there for you to read, and judge for yourselves.  But dropped passes and penalties, plus unblocked blitzers make it hard, at best, to put any blame for no scores, on him.


Series #8 - Second Half, Jimmy Clausen in for the rest of the game.

Q3, 1and10, 14:20, Jets 31 (after we recover their fumble) 22/Sutton runs for a 1 yd gain.

2and9, 13:43, Jets 30.  Pass batted down at the LOS.  Could have been intercepted.  Clausen should have pumped faked it, but definitely shouldn't have thrown it, as he had no visibility to his receiver.

3and9, 13:40, Jets 30.  Slant pass complete to 15/Wright, but short of the FD marker.  7 yd gain.

4and2, 13:37, Jets 24.  Kasay kicks a 42 yd FG, now 3-6.


Series #9.  After Jets punt to our EZ.

1and10, 7:48, our 20.  8 yd pass completion from 2/Clausen to 80/Jarrett.

2and2, 7:30, our 28.  Another pass to 80/Jarrett - defense called for pass interference = FD.

1and10, 7:23, our 43.  Run by FB 38/Rashawn Jackson for 3 yds.

2and7, 6:55, our 45.  10 yd pass complete to 33/Goodson. for a FD.

1and10, 6:17, Jets 45.  4 yd run by 33/Goodson/

2nd6, 5:40, Jets 41.  2 yd run by 33/Goodson.

3and4, 4:54, Jets 39.  High pass, but a good catch by 81/KMoore for a FD, but nullified by a False Start penalty (culprit unidentified.)

3and9, 4:31, Jets 44.  Incomplete pass, and we punt again.


Series #10.  (after a poor KR by 33/Goodson, with too much indecision)

Q4, 1and10, 13:22, our 3.  33/Goodson for a 1 yd rush.

2and9, 12:48, our 4.  Poor pass from 2/Clausen to 38/Jackson, incomplete.

3and9, 12:43, our 4. Nice 21 yd run by 33/Goodson, getting us out of a deep hole

1and10, 12:15, our 25. 40/Vaughn, tackled for a 2 yd loss.

2and12, 11:37, our 23.  Incomplete pass (telegraphed it) to 15/Wright.

3and12, 11:33, our 23.  Bad snap from 73/Bernadeau, which Clausen has to fall on.  We have to punt again.  The 56-yd punt is poorly covered, with 83/Charly Martin making a TD-saving tackle after a 67 yd return.  Mostly this was a good runback, which outran the coverage, but tackles were missed by 88/Rosario, 40/ Vaughn, and 54/Ivy, along the way.


Series #11 (after the PR, the Jets fumble on the first play, at our 9, stripped by 54/Mortty Ivy and 29/Jordan Pugh, recovered by 68/Andre Neblitt.)

1and10, 10:47, our 6. Run by 33/Goodson, for a 1 yd loss.

2and11, 10:11, our 5.  A nice screen pass to 33/Goodson, for 5 yds

3and6, 9:20, our 10.  Slant pass intended for 81/KMoore was too low, and incomplete.  Again we have to punt.


Series #12 (after a defensive 3 and out forces them to punt back)

1and10, 8:14, our 14.  4 yd pass complete to 33/Goodson.

2and6, 7:36, our 18.  A smoke route to 10/Edwards gains 4 more.

3and2, 6:54, our 22.  Clausen throws a nice 4 yd pass, under pressure, to 12/David Gettis, who breaks a tackle and gains 10 more YAC, for a total gain of 14.

1and10, 6:15, our 36.  4 yd run by 40/Vaughn.

2and6, 5:35, our 40.  Flushed from the pocket, Clausen throws OOB (this will be the first of 4 such passes in the last 6 minutes.)  Our WR's at this time are 10/Edwards, 12/Gettis, and 19/Dexter Jackson.

3and6, 5:29, our 40.  Clausen is sacked, as 73/Bernadeau misses his block.  We punt yet again.



Series #13 (after a Jets punt goes OOB at our 22.)  32/Brian Witherspoon was back to return.

1and10, 3:28, our 22.    A long pass to 19/Jackson was well overthrown.  Incomplete.

2and10, 3:23, our 22.  5 yd run by 33/Goodson.

3and5, 2:54, our 27.  Well-thrown 7-yd pass for a FD to 19/Jackson, down the left sideline and OOB, stopping the clock.

1and10, 2:48, our 34.  Flushed again, Clausen heaves it OOB.

2and10, 2:39, our 34.  Clausen makes his best play of the day, evading the rush and scrambling for a 14 yd gain and a FD.

1and10, 2:00, our 48.  Nice 15 yd completion to 10/Edwards for another FD.

1and10, 1:54, Jets 37.  Flushed out, Clausen again stops the clock by throwing OOB.

2and10, 1:47, Jets 37.  After a smiling chat with Coach Ryan at the Jets sideline, and calling a time out, Clausen makes his mistake.  He locks in on 12/Gettis, and is picked off by 30/Coleman for an easy INT.


Series #14.  (after our D records its 3rd straight 3 and out, forcing the Jets to punt again.)

1and10, :40, our 20.  Clausen throws it into the ground, aiming for 82/Barnidge - incomplete.

2and10, :36, our 20.  Clausen is sacked by a 3-man rush, 73/Bernadeau again missing his block.

3and18, :20, our 11.  Clausen spikes the ball to kill the clock, with no Time Outs left.

4and18, :17, our 11.  Sacked again, to end the nightmare.  They take over on downs, and mercifully kneel it.


I'll be back with the Defensive Breakdown later.

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