The Good and The Bad: Panthers vs Jets

Hello, Panthers Fans its DT3428 here to through in my opinion of what went good and what went bad in last nights loss to the Jets. The Final score 9-3 says everything about this one, it was a very very very sloppy game for both teams but it wasn't nearly as sloppy for the Jets as it was for the Panthers. Let me start off by saying that you may find my opinions and analysis as very to somewhat negative but i am just keeping it real with you guys. 


THE BAD:Let me just start off by saying for the most part our Offense was TERRIBLE. Matt Moore couldn't do anything and it was like he was a sitting duck in the pocket. He also made a few poor throws and one Interception off an overthrown deep ball to Brandon Lafell. Overall Moore just had a very poor performance and Kenneth Moore didn't help with all the dropped passes. Honestly Kenneth Moore he may just have gotten himself cut with last nights performance because he was already on the bubble and if he caught some of them drops we might be talking about the final score being 10 to 9 instead of 9 to 3. He is not the only wide out that didn't look to good either. I don't know what it was but it seemed like the receiving corps as a whole did not get open at all last night. It just seemed as if no one could get down the field and that could be the reason why Moore/Clausen struggled. Oh Yeah Clausen! I thought he was okay when he first came out and I also think he was really plagued by the constant pressure from the Jets Blitz happy defense. He made some good decisions and spotted out the blitz for the O Line on some occasions, something that I haven't seen Moore do all Preseason. But he still didn't perform to well as he telegraphed a last minute interception and didn't try to push the ball downfield, settling for short passes instead.

The Good: Well there really isn't alot to say here.... Deangelo Williams looked great and Dwayne Jarrett caught a few passes.


The BAD: OK............................. Our Special Teams was HORRIBLE. I know some of you Armanti Edwards fans were hoping for him to really come out and shine tonight but I'm sorry Armanti performed as bad as he can perform for a punt returner. He muffled some punts and he didn't go after a punt that he should have which led to another Panther touching the ball which equals a turnover. Honestly Iam about to keep it real with you guys about Armanti and his expectations. Armanti is not cut out to be a Returner in the NFL and maybe the Panthers should let him focus on just being a Wide Receiver instead. Don't expect to much out of him this year because he is adjusting to the position and the NFL which is hard. You know it kind of makes me wonder why we spent a 3rd round draft pick on him anyways. DON'T get me wrong Iam glad we drafted him but we could have picked him up in a later round. Maybe we should have picked a college wide out that actually played wide receiver in college because thats where we need the most help at. Maybe the reason why Armanti was such a playmaker in college was because he played the QB position which allowed him to get in space and make them plays. I still have hope for him but he is not going to be a impact player at least not this year. Mike Goodson didn't do well on special teams either with his poor decision making and backwards running on kickreturn. If he doesn't performbetter in the next two games look for Terrell Sutton to be our #3 back and Goodson kicked to the practice squad or no playing time.

The Good: Punter Jason Baker did great and was the Panthers Player of The Game according to Panthers TV.


THE  GOOD:I am happy to say that our defense was AMAZING last night, and that our pass rush was even better. Our D-Line as a whole was great. Everette Brown looked great, Charles Johnson applied some pressure and Greg Hardy stuffed the run and provided some pressure. I must say Greg Hardy is shaping up to be one heck of a player. O yeah i got to show some love to the Defensive Tackles they really stuffed the run and kept the Jets running game in check. Our Linebackers were Good to with Beason being every where on the Field and all most getting a pick. The Secondary was also outstanding as they constantly broke up passes. Its hard to believe that our Defense actually held them to 9 points considering the amount of turnovers we had on special teams and offense. The way our D-Line has played this preseason I think we may soon be forgetting about Julius Peppers. So Far Ron Meeks has really made an impression on me.

The Bad: NONE


THE HOPEFUL: Hopefully next week our Offense will get it together and score a touchdown. I know we are missing Steve Smith, J-Stew and Jeff Otah but that is no excuse for us not scoring and its all been on the passing game/Pass Blocking of the O-Line. Our Defense needs to keep it up next week and into the Regular season. I know there was alot of negatives but HEY that's what the preseason is for. Hopefully we get it fixed before the Regular Season.

 Let me know what your opinions are of last nights game!                                

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