Panthers Monday Practice Review: Getting Healthy

Today was the last Panthers two a day, with camp breaking on Wednesday.  The theme today seems to have been getting healthy as the Panthers welcome back Steve Smith (activated from PUP list)  , LB Jamar Williams, & RB Mike Goodson back from his ankle injury.  With Stewart and Gamble having returned to practice already and D-Lo due to return tomorrow (from personal issues not injury related), we're getting all our guys back healthy at the right time.   Here are Steve Reed's Ten Observations and Gantt's practice summary.  Tatoorhino was back at camp today so we have quite a few more tweets than usual:

carolinagrowl    Looks like LB Jamar Williams will practice on a limited basis. He's running through drills, but has shorts on instead of pants.

Tattoorhino    Beason back at middle 

(I'm glad the LB situation is still fluid)

Tattoorhino    Hardy was getting yelled at by baker but baked was wrong and kasay came over and joked with baker.

Tattoorhino    Cj wilson intercepted clausen in a walk thru

Tattoorhino    Gamble seems to be ok. No brace on the knee.

(great news!)

carolinagrowl    Steve Smith is running routes with the starters, but not dressed in full pads. He's still in shorts. Still, it's a step.

(even greater news!)

carolinagrowl    WR Charly Martin's cast is gone and he appears ready to practice full.

carolinagrowl    Steve Smith's arm looks like -- he just made a leaping grab down the field. He's almost back, folks. And he looks very quick.

Tattoorhino    Beautiful pass and catch to wright like threading a needle.

(wish we knew who threw it)

Tattoorhino    Lafelle with a nice grab in traffic

Tattoorhino    Munnerlyn would have sent clausen to IR if not for the red jersey

Tattoorhino    Clausen sacked again.

Tattoorhino    Armanti with a nice catch and applause abound

Tattoorhino    Another nice armanti grab

Tattoorhino    Gross just owned brown on a running play. Knocked him back into NC

daringantt    Good concentration by Armanti Edwards on a deep ball behind Charles Godfrey. Baby steps.

Tattoorhino    Hardy made good play in the back field on savage. Man he looks good

 carolinagrowl    Jonathan Stewart is participating in 7-on-7 drills, but not in team drills so far.

Tattoorhino    Gamble just intercepted moore to jarrett

carolinagrowl    RB Mike Goodson looking fast in his first day back. The ankle no longer seems to be a problem.

Tattoorhino    Fox is on the warpath this morning. Just gave anderson hell the linebacker

carolinagrowl    WR David Gettis just hauled in a nice deep ball from Jimmy Clausen during 7-on-7's

Tattoorhino    Clausen with a beautiful pass to wright couldn't have been thrown anywhere else

Tattoorhino    Practicing the fake field goal. We may actually see that this year

carolinagrowl    Captain Munnerlyn and Wallace Wright are working as the first-team gunners on punt coverage.

Tattoorhino    66 moore has the biggest arms on the team. Looks like some freakish body builder

carolinagrowl    DE Greg Hardy is running with the starters at RDE during team drills ahead of Everette Brown.

Tattoorhino    Conner would have killed moore on a goaline drill

Tattoorhino    Brown just sacked clausen

Tattoorhino    Our offense hasn't scored since christmas and cj wilson just intercepted clausen

Tattoorhino    Barnidge with a tough grab in the middle

Tattoorhino    Hardy sacked pike

carolinagrowl    The Panthers are working a bunch on red zone plays today.

Tattoorhino    Moore with a nice roll out to fiametta ten yard gain

Tattoorhino    Charles johnson with a great inside move to kill moore

Tattoorhino    Marshall breaks up a bullet to kmoore

daringantt    Not many great catches today in team, but Brandon LaFell just hauled one in from Moore.

Tattoorhino    Clausen to barney for eight

Tattoorhino    Charles johnson has looked great today

 Tattoorhino    Norwood came thru like a bolt of lightning for a sack

carolinagrowl    RB Goodson says he’ll try to play against the Jets

MrGoOdSoN33    First practice back today it felt good....

Blafell1    Last 2 a day in camp... Gotta get better asap

(I like this kid's attitude)


Afternoon practice today is supposed to be just a walk through so doubtful much information will come from that practice.

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