Updated: Current Carolina Panthers Roster - Offense and Special Teams

Previously I covered the Panthers Defense, this time I want to look at who we have trying to make the roster on the offensive side. Lets start the special teams players.

Name # Pos Age Yrs
Todd Carter 5 K 24 0
John Kasay 4 K 40 20
Jason Baker 7 P 32 10
J.J. Jenson 44 LS 24 2*

*Injured during presesaon with Packers and placed on IR for his first season.

Both Jason Baker and John Kasay are a given to make the roster. Todd Carter is trying to make the team in place of Rhys Lloyd as our kickoff specialist. So far I'm not sure if we will keep him. Then we have J.J. Jenson the long snapper. The Panthers have dedicated a roster spot to a long snapper for several years. Last year bringing in Jenson and releasing reliable Jason Kyle was a risk but in the end I think it work out fine. I personally saw Jeff King attempting long snapping during training camp and I've heard reports of other doing so. While I personally believe Jenson will be back, I'm sure the team could benefit from having a backup active instead of a dedicated long snapper. 

Onto the offense after the jump...

Wide Receivers
Proj Dept # Name Age Yrs
1 89 Steve Smith 31 10
2 80 Dwayne Jarrett 23 3
3 81 Kenneth Moore 25 3
4 11 Brandon LeFell 23 R
5 15 Wallace Wright 26 4
6 10 Armanti Edwards 22 R
7 12 David Gettis 22 R
8 84 Trent Guy 22 R
9 19 Dexter Jackson 24 2
10 83 Charly Martin 26 2
11 18 Oliver Young 24 R

At the end of the offseason we had 6 receivers on the roster and now we have 11 giving us a few options. Smith is a given and so is LeFell to make the roster. I think its safe to add Wright, K. Moore,  and Edwards to that list. That's five receivers. Traditional Fox doesn't keep many on the roster and makes use of even less. This leaves a big question mark for some on Dwayne Jarrett. I stated previously during camp coverage that Jarrett would be on the final roster and I still stand by that statement. However, I'm still not sure where on the depth chart. I have him listed at 2nd but saying he didn't start this last game throws up a red flag. 

I still wonder if they will keep 6 receivers and if they don't who is the first to be cut from the list?

Running Backs / Full Back
Proj Dept # Name Age Yrs
1 34 DeAngelo Williams 26 5
2 28 Jonathan Stewart 22 3
3 22 Tyrell Sutton 23 2
4 33 Mike Goodson 22 2
5 40 Josh Vaughan 23 1
6 26 Dantrell Savage 25 3
FB 44 Tony Fiammetta 23 1
FB 38 Rashawn Jackson 23 R

I don't think the depth or final roster changed has changed from earlier in the offseason. Vaughan did look decent on Thursday but there's not room on the roster and same goes for Jackson.

Proj Dept # Name Age Yrs
1 3 Matt Moore 25
2 2 Jimmy Clausen 22 R
3 14 Hunter Cantwell 24 1
4 16 Tony Pike 24 R

After the first preseason game I think its fair to say that Clausen has passed Cantwell on the roster for the backup QB. I know some are wondering if he will pass Moore for the starter. I'm not in that camp (at least yet) but was impressed with his debut. Yet, it's a good sign that the question is out there. It's been said many times before but it's a good problem to have.

I think the bigger question will they carry four QBs this year. I'm not convinced. Pike would be the most likely to be cut but I don't know if he'd make it to the practice squad roster. Hence the dilemma.

Proj Dept # Name Age Yrs
1 47 Jeff King 27 5
2 88 Dante Rosario 25 4
3 82 Gary Barnidge 24 3
4 86 Jamie Petrowski 28 2

I think I'll save myself time and quote what I wrote earlier during the offseason about the TE's: "Same as the running back, the TE position seems to be set. The question is the depth chart, but until I hear differently I would say it stays the same." Oh and Petrowski was added to the list but won't make the final roster.

Proj Dept # Name Age Yrs
1 - LT 69 Jordan Gross 30 7
1 - RT 79 Jeff Otah 24 2
3 74 Geoff Schwartz 24 1
4 68 Rob Petitti
28 4
5 65 Garry Williams 23 1
6 78 Jason Capizzi 27 1
Proj Dept # Name Age Yrs
1 - RG
73 Mackenzy Bernadeau
24 2
1 - LG 70 Travelle Wharton 29
72 Duke Robinson 23 1
71 C.J. Davis
5 62 Ray Hisatake
23 R
6 77 Andrew Crummey 25 1
Proj Dept # Name Age Yrs
1 67 Ryan Kalil 24 3

*Placed on IR for first season

The only question about our starting lineup hasn't changed. We are still looking for a full time RG. Bernadeau got the start last week, but they have been pushing Duke "Go Joe" Robinson since he passed his conditioning test. In addition we do have serious questions regarding our backup center. Otherwise last year proved our depth was able to setup in and continue performing. 

Well there you have it, our current offensive roster. There's a lot of potential bottled up waiting to be released. We didn't see it in our game versus Baltimore but hopefully they will develop of the next few weeks and be ready to for week one.

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