Panthers Sunday Practice Review

Practice was in full pads today @ 3:00pm and it was another scorcher, apparently hottest day of camp yet.  Louis Leonard had the only heat issue having to receive an IV.   Nothing really stands out from today's practice except we may have a depth issue at center,  but other than that it sounds like a solid day for the guys.  Here is Steve Reed's Ten Observations of the day,  Darin Gantt's practice summary, and the notable tweets for the day:

daringantt    Steamy, hot one this afternoon. Full pads. First good sign, WR Trent Guy back to practice.


carolinagrowl    RB DeAngelo Williams is sitting out today because of personal reasons


daringantt    Another bad snap, and Crummey gets yanked out of a drill.


daringantt    Duke Robinson just got into Corvey Irvin in 1-on-1s, and popped his helmet off like a champagne cork.


 daringantt    Good two-play segment of ind.pass rush drills by Everette Brown against Gross. Used power, then speed/spin move


carolinagrowl    Jonathan Stewart not yet working in full team drills


carolinagrowl    Greg Hardy and Everette Brown both showed good moves in one-on-one pass rush drills earning praise from D-line


carolinagrowl    Did I mention LB Jordan Senn is back?


daringantt    Another snap on the ground. At this stage, if Crummey lasts through camp it's an upset. Makes it hard to get work done.


daringantt    Matt Moore TD pass to LaFell in corner. BL did a good job of keeping feet in.  


daringantt    A rare Tony Pike highlight. Evades rush, ducks out of pocket, scrambles for TD.


carolinagrowl    Scary moment as Jordan gross almost got his legs twisted under a pile of bodies. He got up fine though.


daringantt    Live is one thing, but when people start falling on Gross, it's no longer amusing. Vaughan limped off after play too.


carolinagrowl    Rookie DE Greg Hardy is again getting a lot of reps with the first team.


daringantt    Savage with a big time run. Munnerlyn couldn't bring him down from behind.


daringantt    Marcus Hudson rolled up in pile. Walks off with trainer


carolinagrowl    Second-team OL paves the way for a long Dantrell Savage TD run. It leaves everyone on offense hooting and hollering.


 carolinagrowl    Offense is kicking defense's rear end in goal line drills.


daringantt    Live goal line. Moore just bootlegs and goes in for easy score. Then does the Jeff King dance


daringantt    Rather than taking a knee, coaches suggest Crummey get a few extra snaps in with Clausen. He needs the work.


daringantt    Louis Leonard had to be taken in for an IV, but he's the only heat victim today.


TSutt22    Lost 10 lbs at practice today. Workin hard n this heat!!!


Last training camp two a day practice starts tomorrow @ 9:00am, I'm sure the guys are liking the sound of that.  Camp is over Wednesday pushing us ever further into the season.

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