Panthers vs. Ravens: The Good, Bad, and Ugly!


Panthers vs. Ravens

The Good:

Greg Hardy- Looks to be as good as advertised with 5 tackles and 2 sacks.  Truly is Lil’ Pep sans the slacking off…

Eric Moore- Previously thought he was a nobody buried on the depth chart, but with 5 tackles, 1 TFL, and 1 FF, Moore may be in serious contention for a roster spot as a DE.

Jimmy Clausen- Looked great commanding the offense, making his reads and progressions, and simply slinging bullets around the field, though he REALLY needs to work on successful direct and shotgun snaps! 8/15 for 80 yards isn’t bad, and you can throw that INT in the trash because Dexter Jackson fell while the ball was in the air.

Dwayne Jarrett- Although most Panther fans have already given up on him, he looked good in the few plays he played.   And even though he only had 1 documented catch, he would’ve had a clutch 30 yard play for a first if it wasn’t for a BS holding call that didn’t happen.

Run Blocking- Again looks dominant.  Although this is great for our offense, please see Pass Blocking below.

Fiammetta- Did a great job leading the way for DeAngello. On one play, Tony latched onto an oncoming LB like a leech and muscled him to the ground.  Also caught 2 for 19 yards.

Josh Vaughn- Although we are stacked at RB, Vaughan wasn’t bad at all.  Filled in nicely for a UDFA pickup, 11 carries for 48 yards.

Tyler Brayton­- was dominating early scoring 2 sacks…

The Bad:

Tyler Brayton- was injured and out of the game immediately after his 2 sacks.  Let’s pray that he is healthy…

Receivers- Where are they?  RB Tyrell Sutton led receiving with 3 catches, and they were all either check downs or RB screens.  Kenny Moore had some plays and Jarrett had his two catches, but no receiver really elevated themselves from the pack.

Armanti Edwards- From his performance, he’ll need a lot of time to adjust to WR and PR.

Brandon LaFell­- Didn’t shine as expected to.  Didn’t even have a catch.  Could’ve had a TD, but dropped the ball.

Cornerbacks and Pass Coverage- Although Wilson recovered fumble for TD, he too often was out of position.  Munnerlyn too disappointed in his start.  Last our Secondary was the strength of our D, but it just wasn’t tonight…

Everette Brown- Even though speed is his forte, he still isn’t fast enough to reach a QB.

Linebackers- Not so sure that Beason at the Will and Connor at the Mike is really the best idea.  Beason was often lost and not a factor while Connor did little…And James Anderson…was he even on the field??

The Ugly:

Special Teams- Simply porous kickoff coverage, and poor return ability.  I wouldn’t even rate our ST as mediocre…definitely needs improvement.

Pass Blocking- Although the Run Blocking was great, the line couldn’t give any of our QBs time to throw or find a receiver.  Yes the Ravens blitz heavily, but it seemed too often that our QBs were going down.  And to add to the pile, our line consistently held and/or false-started

Tackling- Just wasn’t happening tonight.  Looked like our players were all going for strip balls, and the Ravens simply ran through Panther arm tackles.

Fumblerooskies- 4 of them= 1 per quarter= WAYYY too many…

What do ya'll think were the good, bad and ugly from the first preseason game versus the Ravens??

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