Anyone catch Panther coverage on Sirius yesterday?

NFL Network was at Panthers training camp yesterday and spoke with: Marty Hurney, John Fox, Everette Brown, Jeff OtahRyan Kalil, Dan Connor, Matt Moore, and Steve Smith. Kind of hard to condense the show into a post but here's what I remember hearing:

All the players said camp was like old school football camp and very physical... that the defense was focusing heavily on stopping the run...

Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan were talking with Matt Moore and mentioned that the offense was having a hard time trying to move the ball during the 9 on 7 drills... that their 4 minute drills were going well and eating up the clock.

Pat and Tim watched practice and noticed that there were some 1 RB 3 WR sets... that the WR's are able to block... they were impressed that the defense crowded the box with 9 and the offense didn't seem to have too much trouble.

Everette said he's put on about 10 pounds and is working on his technique, trying to learn to take better angles... that Charles Johnson's got a couple of moves on his bull rush...

Otah's saying that he expects to be back for the opening game.

Matty's saying Dwayne Jarret's doing well... as is Lafell. That King, Rosario, and Barnidge add some offensive looks that can cause problems for opposing defenses as the passing game is opened up by the running game...

Dan Connor's loving it at MLB...

Norwood had good things said about him as did Hardy...

Pat and Tim did ding the defensive line saying that they'll be as prepared as they can be but they need to keep looking for better tackles as what they've got right now are journeymen...

Of all the things said by the players, I think the most poignant was stated by Smitty... he said (in regards to his broken arm and flag football) that he was focused the past few years on his goals... that he was (using an analogy he used) driving from California to North Carolina but not stopping to enjoy and admire the monuments... (like what Jerry Rice said at his induction... that he played scared for so long he never took the time to enjoy the game)... Smitty said that he was going to have more fun playing... that he told LaFell "Make me have fun... if you see I'm grumpy or something, MAKE me have fun".

He said that the new WR's are learning and getting better everyday.


Smitty said it wasn't that he turned a corner or grew up or anything... and remember, he said that he's tired of being the #1 receiver and was willing to give the slot to someone else...

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