Carolina Panthers in 2010... Our biggest weakness, and the direction we are headed

If you had to point to an area of this team and say something negative then you would be pointing at the DT position. You wouldn’t say WR because we have been gettin by with just 1 forever. You wouldn’t say QB because we have never had 1 anyway(as far as the rest of the sports world considers). You wouldn’t say secondary because they were 4th last year. Can’t say LBs because they’re deep. You might say DE but there’s too much potential there. So what’s left? RB,OL,FB,TE,DT. 2 of the 5 are top notch. The other 2 would be pretty much pointless to talk about. Then you have an important position to our team with nothing but unproven players manning it. So what are you going to choose to talk about?

To say they are bad or our biggest weakness is freaking dumb. Seriously its stupid. Just because they haven’t proven anything yet doesn’t mean they can't and won’t. They haven’t even had a shot so how can they be judged? They are under Baker, Meeks and Fox now. I have confidence in these 3 coaches. They will get the best out of these players. And what these players did on bad teams in bad systems is moot. They start fresh now. Maybe under the trio of Fakeeks(maybe?) they can flourish.

The DTs we lost were friggin NOBODYS! BUMS! They can be replaced. Guys act like we lost Pat and Kevin Williams. We didn’t. We RELEASED 2 guys who nobody outside of the Carolinas knows of. Ask a fan of the Cowboys who Kemo or Lewis is and they will say…WHO!? Why because they are non factors. Why shouldn't we have released them? Kemo is a fat mess that tore his achilles during a jog. We can't afford to risk that roster spot on him. Nevermind the fact that he is old. Damione Lewis is a bum. He had 4 TFL's all season. And half of a sack. Just half of one. And then he had like 41 tackles period. (using Ricks stats here...thanks Rick) Hollis Thomas was within 8 tackles of him with 33 and also notched 4 TFL's. Thomas played 366 less snaps than Lewis. That is pathetic. To let an old fat guy just come in and show you up like that...eww. We had to release this guy. And then you have Thomas who is fat and old and on some kind of banned substance. He was not resigned because he is just a fat guy. We have one of those at the very least. We can buy another one if need be.  

We have nowhere to go but up. I’m so tired of people doubting these guys give it a break please. If I’m wrong and we have the worst DL in the NFL then fine rub it in my face after week 9 or so. Untill then though it would be nice to see some support for our coaches and players from the fan base. Why doubt them when you could believe in them? They have given no reason to be doubted. You could say they have given you no reason to believe in them. But what about Fox? I damn sure believe in Fox. What about Meeks (not you Silver) and his scheme? I love the pressure he strives for from the front 4.  What about Baker and his intense demand for perfection? He had me sold from day 1.

i'm on board with the direction this team is going. And frankly im just flat out excited about it. From where I sit I see the team doing this...Having two fast Safetys covering the top of the field. Two guys that can create turnovers. Two guys that are better than most Safetys in coverage due to their experience at corner. A highly talented and athletic LB corp. and as long as Beason is here then it's one of the best in the NFL. A nice mix of DE's. We have a veteran who is solid in all areas and gives his all on every down. Johnson who has been here for a while learning and contributing when given the opportunity. 4 sacks and 2 FF's in limited time is very nice. He looks to be a guy you can have in on all 3 downs. Then you have Everette Brown in his second year. possibly a Freeney v2. And then Norwood possibly a Mathis v2. So we have two guys that can be out there on any down no matter what, and two guys that bring a lot of speed off the edges (notice how all of Meeks' eggs aren't in one basket). Then we have two young DT's who have tons of potential IMO. One guy is big enough to be a NT, but athletic enough to be a UT. If he beats his man he has the shortest distance to the QB and the ability to cover it quickly. Then our UT is as strong as you could hope for, and also athletic. neither of these guys are undersized. So we have a line that can be stout when needed. LB's who can be anywhere on the field and make the play. A secondary that can cover the top like a nice umbrella. Then we can adjust our line for speed and get to the QB..but we will always have guys on the field that can get to the QB. And always have the coverage in behind them to stop the big play. This Fox/Meeks blend is a serious one.

Oh and I almost forgot... Special Teams! we have a new one. A unit with proven Special Teamers who know their job and who are good at it. I think i will just copy and paste part of my sig for this one because i need to get ready for work...A totally new Special Teams unit. With the Jets best gunner in Wallace Wright, the Cardinals ST captain Aaron Francisco, Marcus Hudson, Fast as you want to be Brian Witherspoon. Can you say field position? And don't say this one too loud but maybe a TD from ST play...shhh cross your fingers. But I personally have a feeling that Jeff Rodgers could put something together here.

Then on offense we have the best RB duo in the history of the game! A duo that despite not having a passing attack to take the pressure off of them and open up box, was still able to achieve history. Then we have #89 and according to the Rules and Regulations I don't need to explain what he has been able to do by himself in double and tripple coverage. But now we are making a very solid effort in bringing him some help. With 3 draft picks, Jarret, and a QB that can get them the ball, #89 should be jumping for joy. Oh and btw LaFell coming in with exceptional down field blocking abilities to replace one of the main factors Moose brought to the field. Then we have a great blicking TE who can catch the balls thrown his way. A well balanced TE that can get out into open space and pick up yards. And I believe, a future star in Gary Barnidge. A tall athletic TE with big play all over him. And his blocking is coming along. So we have a beast running game and now all of a sudden a passing game that has to be respected....wait what? That can't be right. That's just not fair. John Fox is supposed to be predictable and one dimensional :( 

 They will put up too many points in too many ways. How does the league compete with that? Well they have to score a lot too.  But wait Ron Meeks' stingy defense is in Carolina! It isn't easy scoring in the redzone anymore. So we will be forcing teams to play from behind while controlling the clock with Double Trouble. So they have to come out and sling the ball around on a turnover driven, get to the QB in a hurry, highly athletic Cover 2? Great! Wow what a gameplan. Can't wait to get to Dallas...

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