Idea for the Website/Ruminations about the Panthers

CSR this is my first actual post.  I have been "lurking" for a little over a year and announced myself at the roll call, but I'm usually just on my phone checking out the great posts from y'all.  So I appreciate that.  My buddy is a huge Steeler fan so I was introducing him to the Super Bowl Nation websites and the CSR as the Panthers are his adoptive number two team. (I am a huge Panther homer as was recently described and have lived in Charlotte for all of my 24 years minus 4 in college in VA)  Anyway I saw something on the Steelers website we should do as well.  Find out what after the Jump...

We should have all of the injury updates and how long they will be out on the main page so we can track that and maybe have it countdown until the days they are back.  I don't know if its possible to do that, but just an idea.  The other thing (which I actually got from the other website) was to have a depth chart on the main page and to track how it changes and where people are and who is starting and who is 2 on the chart.  Just for ease of access of information. 


-I too am worried about injuries this year and hope that the team can stay healthy throughout the preseason and beyond.

-On the radio they were talking about who should be the fourth Captain of the team.  Who do y'all think?  Gamble, Kasay, Dwill?  The proposed three are Beason, Gross, Smith.  

-Speaking of that, who will the Panthers keep in terms of the QB's?  We arent going to carry 4.  Who goes to the PS and possibly gets let go?  Sounds like Pike to me, although he seems talented albeit a bit goofy.

-I always think about the stadium.  I wonder what players think when they come from say an FSU, USC, or Clemson to the Bank where its not quite the same feel.  I wish there were more diehards like us in the stadium and not naysayers and other team fans.  I don't want to be like that ***** bag from Philly, but I would like a rowdy environment thats also family friendly.  Not to say I havent seen fights in my nose bleed sections, but sometimes its quiet.

-Will anyone dare wear a Peppers jersey to the field? I hate the way he left and his attitude and his lack of effort, but still, and Im sure Im in the minority, I respect the good times with Pep.  I have two jerseys one signed and one as a gift.  I have a Beason jersey now too so I'm good, but what are yalls thoughts on that?

-Nicknames: Pickles is hilarious and perfect.  We need a Matt Moore name.  I think a baby Moose is a Calf.  Not sure and Buck's are grown, but still fitting I think.  Woooooood is perfect since there is no Mooooose or Hoooooov. Keep it up.

-Shout out to Jaxon, Bmoyer, James the Aussie, Little King and everyone else who has contributed to my procrastination at work and made it so enjoyable.  Hopefully will make it to a TC session next week. 

I'm sure much of this has been discussed, but as I said its just my random thoughts.  Haven't really figured out how to sign off yet.  GO PANTHERS

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