Are you a Panthers homer?

Admit it, are you?  Do you really miss the dark clouds inside all of the silver linings that Training Camp brings?  Is your stadium cup always half full?  Does your Lamar Lathon Jersey show so many signs of wear that you only bring it out for special occasions?

Are you the kind of homer that just drives people nuts?  And if you are, how do you know?  How does anyone know if they have a problem?

At CSR, we don't pretend to have all the answers, but if you fit more than five of these statements, then you might be a homer...

You get angry at all of the trade publications that don't rank Williams and Stewart as the #1 and #2 running backs in the league, respectively.

You think that Jimmy Clausen can be the next Joe Montana, and worry that he's stuck behind Matt Moore, who's going to be the next Tom Brady.

When you and your friends discuss shutdown corners, you can't wait to bring Chris Gamble into the conversation.

You still believe Julius Peppers goes all-out on every down.

Even though he's no longer on the team, you think Jake Delhomme can still play QB in this league.

You think that Smitty is all a receiving corps needs to be ranked in the league's top five units.

When the team cuts nine veterans, you think it has more to do with making way for all our young talent than managing the salary cap.

Your opinion of Kevin Greene flips around like a cheap light-switch.

You think Mike Minter deserves a statue.

You look forward to the playoff ticket bill in December when the Panthers have a losing record, because you know it means they haven't been mathematically eliminated yet.


Your spirited defense of John Fox and Marty Hurney has gotten you banned from most of the Panther fan boards, at least the ones you know about.

You think Nick Hayden just hasn't been used right.

You believe that Matt Moore is truly battle-tested, because even if the games he won didn't matter in terms of making the playoffs, they mattered to him.

Your favorite phrase in 2010 is, "We're not rebuilding, We're RELOADING!!!"

You think Rae Carruth would have eventually become a great receiver if it wasn't for his legal troubles.

You get animated when you're discussing whether or not Eric Davis should be in the Hall of Fame.  And you're the only person who ever brings the subject up.

You used to argue that Jake Delhomme was better than Peyton Manning, and you were serious.

You think that Jeff Davidson is an innovative offensive mind because he was the assistant Tight Ends coach at New England once.

You got excited about the Shawn Gilbert trade.

One day at work you were discussing how much better the Panthers would be on defense once Kemo returned to anchor the line, and on the very next you were ready with explanations as to why he wasn't a fit for Meeks' scheme.

For years, you went into the season honestly believing Dan Morgan would make it for 16 games.

You think Everette Brown will be the next Dwight Freeny.

You used to use the words "Fast" and "Na'il Diggs" close to each other in the same sentence.

You've been telling your friends that this year is Dwayne Jarrett's year.  Really.

You really believe that Al Wallace would have started for most teams, just because you heard an announcer say so once.

You wonder if you need to wear your "Hoover Vest" to training camp, now that he's retired.

You once thought that George Seiffert won those Superbowls because he was a great coach.

And finally, if you're a true homer, then you really think that 2010 is the year that the Panthers finally win the SuperBowl.

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