Top 25 Things You Want Out Of The 2010 Season

I'd be real interested to read your lists. I'll do mine real quick.


1. Super Bowl winners!

2. division champs

3. conference champs - I'd rather win the division and not go to the Super Bowl than go to the Super Bowl and lose. The Saints fans would have a field day if we lost the big game the year after they won.

4. whoop the Bears, Peppers has an awful game, and the Bears have an awful season - Pretty much, I hope the Bears suck and Peppers regrets leaving Carolina.

5. sweep the Saints, and the Saints have an awful season - I wouldn't mind seeing at least one or two paper bags come out.

6. whoop the Giants in the first game in their new stadium - After that it's all about waiting 'til the last game in that stadium, lol.

7. at least 2 of our new receivers step up

8. Norwood racks up double digit sacks - Ha ha, I know, fat chance. It is a wish list though.

9. Brown racks up double digit sacks - Peppers 2.0!

10. Stewart racks up over 1000 rushing yards

11. Beason racks up his usual plethora of stats

12. Wharton makes the Pro Bowl

13. finally find a great return man who actually scores a kick/punt return touchdown

14. Hardy shows promise in his limited action

15. Munnerlyn gets a pick 6

16. Martin turns into a great ball hawking safety

17. Double Trouble becomes the first running back duo to rack up 1200+ rushing yards a piece in a season - I know what you're thinking! Why the fudge is this 7 spots below Stewart going over 1000 yards? If it comes down to dropping Williams or some other core player, I don't want them picking Williams 'cause of some insanely successful season. If they can keep them all, great.

18. Fiametta turns into a bruising full back

19. Moore has a great year

20. beat the Browns, and Delhomme throws for zero touchdowns

21. beat the 49ers

22. lay a big whooping on the Seahawks - I still, unfortunately, recall too vividly the conference championship game.

23. blow out the Cardinals, again - 5 picks would be nice.

24. lead the league in some major offensive or defensive stat - Rushing yards or pass defense are the most likely for us to lead in. I just hope we don't lead in pass defense because we're giving up a bunch of rushing yards.

25. Kasay makes all his field goals and decides to return for another year

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