Panthers Paw Prints: All Quiet on the Twitter Front.

Good Tuesday morning, Carolina Panthers fans. I've got a fair amount of links today. Is it me, or are the Panthers players very quiet on twitter for an NFL team. Maybe they will get busier once the regular season rolls around. I know as far as NFL teams go, they are a relatively young blue-collar team. There aren't many troublemakers or divas, but it would be nice to hear a little trash talking. Here are your links for Tuesday June 8, 2010.

Wallace Wright is trying to do what he can to make the Panthers roster:

Former UNC star Wright looking to carve out new niche with Panthers. (
Wallace Wright realized early on in his NFL career that if he wanted to stick around in this league he’d better find a niche. And he did just that running down kicks and punts during four very good seasons with the New York Jets. But now, after joining the Carolina Panthers, he’s hoping to expand that role. Wright, a Fayetteville native who played collegiately at North Carolina, signed this off-season with the Panthers after the Jets failed to make him a tender offer as a restricted free agent and thinks it’s time to show what he can do on offense.

Looks like Moose may end up on tv if he doesn't find himself on an NFL roster this year:

Muhammad could pursue broadcasting. (
He’ll be taking part in the NFL Broadcast Boot Camp later this month. Broadcasting could be Muhammad’s future. I’ve known Muhammad throughout his career. Didn’t always think he was the most genuine guy around. But he speaks well and has good insight on the game -- that’s half the battle in broadcasting.

More after the jump.

Sounds like they may not be as thin at OL as last year:

OL Schwartz looks to build on last year's success. (
In all likelihood Schwartz will open the season on the bench, backing up at both tackle and guard. But players like that have proven extremely valuable for the Panthers in the past. And, guys like Geoff Hangartner and Frank Omiyale have parlayed that type of a role in Carolina into big-money contracts and starting jobs with other teams once they hit the free agent market. He also gives the Panthers some proven depth on the offensive line, something they lacked last season.

This didn't make the original list yesterday, so I'll re-list it here:

Sports Video : Carolina Growl Webcast. (


This topic's been covered by a few other writers already, but this one is from, so:

Dayton Fliers: Friends and fans. (
At the end of the day, Isner got to spend some time around the team he watched growing up in North Carolina. He will return the favor next month when Smith goes to England for Wimbledon. Even though they play different games with different equipment on different size fields, the two can relate to how it feels to compete against the best in the world.

Even though the Panthers have an "easier" schedule this year, there are a a handful of games that seem pretty interesting:

Five Highly-Anticipated Games for the Carolina Panthers in 2010. (
The Panthers are 4-2 all-time against the G-Men; 3-2 in regular season contests, and they closed out Giants Stadium in spoiler’s fashion. Not only did they beat the Giants in their regular season home finale and final game in Giants Stadium, but they also sucked any last breath of post-season hopes away for Big Blue. So the NFL did the next best thing it would seem, giving the Giants a sort of rematch to avenge the loss, scheduling Carolina to return to the scene of the crime at the Giants’ new home, The New Meadowlands.

And we get Tony Pike back in practice. This rule seems silly:

QB Tony Pike to return to practice on Tuesday. (
He’s not been allowed to participate since classes at the University of Cincinnati weren’t completed, a rule that is governed by an agreement between the NCAA and NFL. The rule, which is pretty outdated, specifies players aren’t allowed to participate until exams are completed. Cincinnati operates on the quarter grading system, so it’s school year runs longer than most colleges.

Still receiving college accolades:

Armanti Edwards named SoCon Athlete of the Year. (
The star quarterback ranks second in FCS history only to Steve McNair in total yards, and is the only division one quarterback to ever have 9,000 passing yards and 4,000 rushing yards in a career. According to, Edwards is the only four-time All-American in Appalachian history and he achieved that honor while compiling a 42-7 record as a starter.

Fantasy football link of the day:

Personally, I think I'd be higher on Stewart and lower on Williams than this, but I've never been in a dynasty league:

2010 Fantasy Football Keeper Rankings. (
If you’ve got a toss-up decision between two players in a keeper league draft, think about how old each player is and how effective they will be three seasons from now. For example, Carolina Panthers RBs DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart. Williams is 27 and Stewart is 23. In three seasons, Williams will be 30 years old while Stewart will be 26. It’s reasonable to assume at some point, maybe in two seasons, Stewart will be the No. 1 because he has less wear and tear.

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