Panthers Paw Prints: Carolina Panthers and NFL on Hulu?

Good morning, Carolina Panthers fans. Sorry for not posting yesterday and posting up late today. The family and I went to Wilmington for the day. A handful of good articles on the D-Line, Goodson & Jarrett. I am so excited for football season this year. I can't wait. Here are your links for Monday June 7, 2010:

Ok, so, I have been a member of Hulu pretty much since the beginning. How could I not know about this? There's a handful of complete Panthers games, season highlights from 1994-2005 and highlights from the 2004 Super Bowl.

Team Highlights: 1994 Carolina Panthers. (
Carolina Panthers Welcome to the NFL.

More after the jump.

An article about the defensive line coach and all the new faces on the line:

Panthers defensive line is starting from scratch. (
Johnson believes one of the advantages is Baker’s aggressive, highly motivational style, which could be just the spark the young players need. "He gets a kick out of it," Johnson said of Baker trying to mold such a young defensive line into a winning group. "He wants to prove himself, too. He doesn’t have any big-time players, so he needs us to step up. "He’s going to bring his A-game for sure."

Yasinskas back talking Panthers for the first time in a few days:

NFC South mailbag. (
Nate in Rock Hill, S.C. writes: Do you see the Panthers going after John Henderson? It's not looking like he's getting much interest on the FA market. Do you think they could ink him to a short, relatively cheap deal and see what happens? I know Jerry Richardson isn't writing checks this offseason, but isn't worth the small risk for a formerly dominant DT for a team that needs help at the position?

Pat Yasinskas: I follow your logic and it makes sense. But it’s not going to happen and it’s not just about money. The Panthers are very serious about going with youth. Besides, I think general manager Marty Hurney still has nasty flashbacks to when George Seifert made him work contracts for Reggie White and Eric Swann.

Donny in Jacksonville, Fla. writes: Up to this point, I agree that Dwayne Jarrett has been a major bust for Carolina. However his whole time had been with Jake Delhomme at QB and we all know he only locked on to Steve Smith and forced it or took a sack if he wasn't open. Do you think that with Matt Moore or Jimmy Clausen at QB he has a chance to at least do a little something? Moore has shown the willingness to spread the ball so theoretically it could happen (I'm not counting on it though).

Pat Yasinskas: I saw a story somewhere the other day about Jarrett and the theme of it was how this might be his breakout year. Funny, but it seems like that story gets written every year and I know I’ve written a time or two. Is this year any different for Jarrett? It might be. Your point about the quarterback switch is a good one. More than anything, I think the coaching staff needs to turn Jarrett loose and give him a chance. There are some people with the Panthers who believe Jarrett is talented, but has been held back by a coaching staff that’s too conservative to allow him to just go out and play.

So, on behalf of "STEVEN 785" on Saturday @ 3:03 PM I asked Darin Gantt on Twitter, "How is Mike Goodson looking? Did he put on that extra weight that he wanted?" Later on Saturday came this article by Gantt. (I guess he was listening):

RB Goodson looks to have even better season in 2010. (
The 2009 fourth-round pick dazzled in all the practices of May and June, and all but disappeared once the season started. He’s still got the same kind of explosive ability, but he said last week he’s better able to take advantage of it now.

A pretty good article from the Falcons blog on SBNation. See where the Panthers rank:

Madden 11 Team Ratings: Who's Improved The Most? (
This year's Madden team ratings have been released. Today I present you with charts comparing this year's ratings to last year's. We can see which teams EA thinks made great strides since last June... and which took tumbles... -- and which teams they whiffed hard on last year and are thus overcompensating for this year (most of the teams previously listed in this paragraph's parentheses).

Dwayne Jarrett seems to attract these articles every offseason, but I hope they're right this time:

Prediction: Dwayne Jarrett Set to ‘Bring It’ in 2010. (
After seeing that goal line grab made by Jarrett to seal the win for the Panthers over the Saints, I had an odd feeling that perhaps this is the turning of a new leaf for him. In only three starts of his entire three year NFL career, Jarrett has scored one touchdown. Is it still too early to proclaim Jarrett a bust? It’s far too early to say Jarrett’s going to be a solid No. Two receiver. For now, the heat is on. The Panthers are chock full at the receiver position, so there will be plenty of competition, with only a few spots for those who want it enough. In the meantime, I’ll stand behind and root for the resurgence of Dwayne Jarrett.

Let me start by saying that I am not the world's biggest Steve Wyche fan, and I might list this as the most ridiculous 2010 NFL power-ranking list I've seen:

Rankings: Things seem to line up for the Chargers in 2010. (
30. Panthers -- There is bad karma in Carolina. There is still talent and a lot of gritty players, but a lame duck coach and underlying morale issues could undermine this season.

Added 10:28AM 6/7/20: I missed this link this morning. It's a webcast with Gaston Gazette writer Steve Reed. It didn't make a headline on, it's over in the "Reeder's Take" section so I missed it:

Sports Video : Carolina Growl Webcast. (

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