The Next Gamecock Carolina Panther ... (maybe, hopefully)

Since the Panthers' roster is turning into a Gamecock school reunion, with three former players on the team, I wanted to list the top current Gamecock I would like to see in a Carolina uniform one day. There's not much to do right now, and I'm bored. I'd like to see some lists and analyses from your own college teams too. I hear from early projections there are some good Tarheels coming out next year.

Chris Culliver #17, Senior DB: 6'1", 197 pounds
Hometown: Garner, NC
40-time: 4.42 averaged, Vertical Jump: 34.0"

USC routinely has one of the top pass defenses in the country. This guy right here is part of the reason. He's very athletic, and is a good tackler. He has the speed and change of direction to recover if he falls behind, and plays physical at times, but could be a more consistent big hitter.

He has played free safety for most of his career at USC. Though, he's so fast and fluid that they're wanting to move him to corner for his senior year. The move is also a preventative measure to attempt to prevent another shoulder injury. He has had two, but has only missed one game because of it. If he gets injured again this year I might change my mind, depending on the circumstances.

I hope having only one year of experience at corner helps to knock his draft stock down enough to at least give Carolina the option of getting him with a mid-round pick, or wherever he goes. Especially if Marshall leaves, I hope this is who Carolina gets. I kid you not, I once saw this guy make a play that I thought was one of the best I've seen by a college defensive back. He was running in double coverage with some receiver, I don't recall who, and the receiver started back inside on some kind of crossing route. He got the ball thrown to him just as he made his cut. Culliver had his back to the QB at the time, looking over his shoulder closest to the sideline, so he spun around to face the receiver in a real fluid motion, dove, and deflected the pass. It doesn't sound like much, but it looked pretty spectacular.

He's also the all-time leader at USC in return yardage, and 5th all-time in the SEC. I wouldn't want him as our return man though. He's athletic, but I'm hoping by then we have a star option. He's only played two years at defensive back and has racked up 122 tackles, 3 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, and 3 picks. Culliver was a 2nd team all-SEC by the AP last year, as well as a member of the Fall SEC Academic Honor Roll.

You can get a brief overview of his athleticism from these videos. Hopefully, after he tears it up at corner this year, there will be better highlights. I think there is a Kentucky fan who posts on here, so I apologize that three of the highlights are against Kentucky.

Returning two kicks


Sack (It may just be a video of a runaway train. It's hard to tell.)

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