Oliver Young Videos (UDFA)

Since this is the receiver most of you know the least about, I decided to find as much tape on him as I could. I got everything here from the good, to the bad, to the ugly (ie. ass scratching). He's #3, and they call him "Tre" Young instead of Oliver Young, so that's who you have to listen out for. You'll have to really turn up the volume for a couple of the videos. They don't have the best sound quality. If I put a description with the wrong video, let me know.

This is a video of the whole team his senior year. He is at the following points: 1:50, 2:02, 2:25, 4:13, 4:50 (returning kick), 5:25, 7:43, 7:49 (blocking a couple guys), 9:07. The diving catch at 2:25 in particular shows his hands.

He better make it past the first round of cuts, 'cause this took me a couple hours! If I did it for nothing I'm going to be upset lol.

Senior Year
0:21 - Fielding a squib kick, and making very little with very little.

0:38 - Making a grab in the flat.

5:40 - Showing some physicality with a Smitty-esque stiff arm.
0:30 - Muffing a punt.

1:17 - Nice little grab. Not real noteworthy.

3:36 - Returning a punt.

3:50 - Smoke route. Not much to it.
2:56 - Great downfield blocking.

3:19 - Little more blocking. Not as great.

3:36 - Scratching his ass, if you want to see that for some reason.
0:19 - Returning a kickoff. Not much to it.

0:47 - Attempting to make a tackle, but gets leveled by his own offensive lineman.

1:50 - A little more blocking right at the end of the play.

3:34 - Catch in the flat. Not much to it.

4:39 - Blocking on the smoke route, and a subsequent short discussion on his blocking.
1:43 - Showing some speed on a kickoff return. This was in the original video I linked.

2:05 - Making a nice grab and push against the defender.

2:16 - Making a good adjustment and catch over his head. This was in the original video I linked.

3:34 - Making a grab and pushing the defender. You gotta love his physicality.

3:53 - Making a grab over the middle on 3rd down.

5:06 - Running over to make a block at the end of the play.

5:14 - Good run after the catch. This was in the original video I linked.

5:50 - Falls down and can't make the catch in tight double coverage.
0:42 - Catch in the flat, but nothing of note.

1:13 - Catch, and holds on to the ball while getting tackled by 4 defenders.

2:27 - Fumbles after the catch.

4:25 - Nice catch on a crossing route.

4:39 - Another catch, but nothing of note.

4:44 - Nice run after the catch on a screen.
0:39 - Great grab deep down the field. Good adjustment. This was in the original video I linked.

1:04 - Ball bounces off his hands.

2:14 - Great catch in traffic deep down the field. The official almost had him, but couldn't make the play. That's why they're officials and not players.
0:47 - Good catch in the endzone. This was in the original video I linked.

2:56 - Great catch over his head.

4:24 - Pretty good little kickoff return.
1:59 - Good run after the catch.

2:16 - Good catch on a comeback route.

2:32 - Good downfield blocking, and a subsequent discussion on his blocking.

4:39 - Busts a kickoff return for a touchdown. Gotta love that.


Junior Year
2:59 - Nice grab on a slant.

3:09 - Doesn't catch the ball on 3rd down.
0:31 - Grab on a screen. Nothing of note.

0:43 - Lets the ball get intercepted and run back for a touchdown. Maybe a lack of effort there.

3:25 - Short catch, and trucking defenders for some yards.

3:35 - Another short grab and run.


Sophomore Year
7:37 - Nice grab on a slant.
3:49 - Can't make the grab on the pass interference.
2:09 - Great catch over a defender deep down the field.

3:06 - Good little run on a reverse.

5:18 - Catch and run, with a little spin move and some power to get a first down.

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