Steve Smith and Mike Florio on WFNZ's 'The Mac Attack'

Smitty went on the air this morning to address yesterday's story by Mike Florio of PFT. As always, Smith was charismatic, hilarious and clearly angry at the same time. After hearing Smith I'm as sure as the day is long that this story is total and utter BS.

Florio appeared later on the show, and I have the interview too.

Edit: Here is a direct link to the full article My original intention was to edit this article fully with a full transcript, but given Mike Florio directly referenced by abridged version it seems wrong to change this article now. If you listen to the full piece and feel that I was in any way wildly inaccurate please leave a comment, but understand I did offer a disclaimer before publishing this piece this morning. 

Smith's interview as well as Florio's after the jump...

After some jovial lead ins and discussion Smith got stuck into Florio strong. None on this is verbatim, please understand that this hasn't been posted online for playback so my notes are based on information I jotted down in a notebook. 


Mac Attack: I emailed Florio yesterday and asked him just to name the other receivers and tigh ends. He said 'several receivers' and 'at least one tight end' but he only named you. Why do you think that is?

Steve Smith: Because people will say 'Steve's one of those kind of guys...' I mean if he said Dante Rosario said it, then no offense to Dante, but people would say 'who's that?'. He (Florio) expected he could say it and get away with it, but he (Smith) caught you homeboy. I don't like liars. If he (Florio) wants to talk about it we can sit down like real men. Don't worry, I wont take a swing at you. Mike is false and the source is bogus. I'm not afraid of speaking my mind, and if I have something to say to someone I say it to their face.


Smith was clearly extremely angry and emotional.


Mac Attack: How long did it go between when Jimmy read the article and you talked to him?

Steve Smith: I don't know. But I know he was the 3rd person I called and I said to him 'If I have something to say to you this is what I'm going to do, what I'm doing right now. I'm going to call you on the phone'. Florio is making this up. I never talked to him personally, I don't even consider him to be part of the media. There's a reason I have a few more zeros at the end of my contract than he do; and now he says 'we stand by our story' well, you know what, OJ stood by the 'if the glove don't fit' look where he at.


Mac Attack: It seemed you were getting along with Jimmy. We heard stories about the cactus cooler.

Steve Smith: Exactly. Why am I going to tarnish my ability to live in Cactus Cooler heaven?


Mac Attack: What is it with Cactus Cooler?

Steve Smith: It's one of those drinks like Cheerwine is here, you can only get it in California. I didn't know you can get it in Arizona. It's great though. I said to Jimmy when I texted him 'Rook, nice to meet you. Bring me a 12 pack of cactus cooler' he responded 'okay lol' and I got it. I was sitting there with Matt Moore and Geoff Schwartz and we sat there drinking Cactus Cooler together.


Mac Attack: What if Mike Florio bought you a Cactus Cooler? Would you forgive him?

Steve Smith: According to an unnamed source: "Hell to the no"


They proceeded to talk about Armanti Edwards. Basically Smith was singing his praises as a hardworker etc. I didn't take notes because it wasn't pertinent to what I was aiming for here.


Mac Attack: What's you're opinion of the quarterbacks?

Steve Smith: You know how I feel? I feel like we have two franchise quarterbacks (Moore and Clausen) and our franchise is better because of it.


Mac Attack: Thanks for stopping by Steve and telling your side of the story. You'll have a chance around 9:10 am to hear Mike Florio's side of the story.

Steve Smith: I wont be able to. At that time I'll be working out some muscles other than my mouth, so he can come on here are workout his mouth, then him and his unnamed source can play 'pigs in a blanket'.


Here is Mike Florio's response from roughly 9:15 am


Mac Attack: How strong do you feel your source is a liar? Because Smith says he's lying.

Mike Florio: Did Smith call my source a liar, or did he call me a liar? I know you offered for us to both be on the air, but I have to protect my source and I'm afraid he doesn't understand the importance of protecting sources. I trust my source.


Mac Attack: We don't think you made this up. But, sources sometimes have agendas, is that possible?

Mike Florio: In this case I don't believe there's any agenda. I stand by what I wrote. It wouldn't be the first time someone said something in private then said something different in public, it's human nature.


Mac Attack: Did the source hear Smith say it, or was it 3rd hand?

Mike Florio: I can't go down that path. I can't compromise my source.


Mac Attack: Well, Smith says that Rosario didn't practice and only two TE's caught passes. He (Smith) wants to know why he was the only one mentioned by name.

Mike Florio: Smitty was the only one mentioned by name by my source.


Mac Attack: Smith said that he's been very high on Jimmy Clausen, and just an hour ago called him a 'franchise quarterback'.

Mike Florio: I don't know why he's so compelled to defend himself in public.


Mac Attack: Smith wants to talk to you face to face, says he wouldn't turn it into an interrogation.

Mike Florio: I'll talk with Smith any time. I'm still afraid he wont appreciate the importance of protecting sources.


Florio went on to pimp his site.


This was basically all the dealings this morning. I did summarize because I was taking notes and I will update this with a link when it becomes available.

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