Summary of the Darin Gantt/ Charles Chandler chat

You can view the entire chat transcript here, however sadly not all Panthers' fans are like us and if you don't want to wade through 10 innane questions to get to one good one I thought I'd give a brief summary of some of the best questions asked and some of the key answers. 

We'll kick it off with a question about the Panthers highest drafted receiver Brandon LaFell as well as the reported PFT article that Clausen 'bashed his receivers', and continue after the jump:

How does Brandon LaFell look in mini camp? Also, why is so many people bashing Clausen? Profootballtalk said that he yelled at the receivers and a TE. You know who they were?

Charles Chandler: LaFell generally looked good ... Had a few drops but improved as the three days went along. Expect him to start. ... That "report" on Clausen is bizarre. Sounds like it came from someone with an agenda. I don't believe Steve Smith thinks ill of him at all. As a matter of fact, Smitty made an appearance on ESPN's "First Take" just yesterday mornikng to talk about Clausen.

I call BS on that PFT article also. I don't trust any national article that cites 'unnamed sources' because they don't know the organization like the beat writers do. Typically the local guys know which 'unnamed sources' you can trust, and which you can't.  PFT could have talked to a copy-boy for all we know.


Is it possible that the Chris Harris trade was a way to free up some money to sign Richard Marshall to a long term contract?

Darin Gantt: I think Harris trade was about getting guys who can run on the field, no matter what Fox says.

I don't know if it's as cut and dry as Gantt believes. I still think money was a factor, but also the athletic ability he mentions.

Why do you think that Coach Fox will not be here next season? In my opinion hes done a pretty good job over the years.

Darin Gantt: I think John's going to want to get paid, and not getting paid already has added a personal element to the whole thing.

There are teams who pay a lot of money to coaches, and there are teams who don't- we're the latter. Brace yourselves because if we lose Foxy understand that Jeff Davidson is a more likely replacement than any dreams of Bill Cowher.

Why is it that our secondary is always in the middle of the pack when it comes to INT's?

Darin Gantt: I think there's a chance at more plays with Martin instead of Harris.

It's strange to think that more plays will be made in the secondary without Hitman, but I understand what Gantt is saying.

What's the likelyhood of us being able to keep Williams and Stewart on the roster in the coming years. If we had to let one go, which would you choose.

Charles Chandler: I think they'd like to keep both for the long-term, and both players seem to want that too.

This is going to be the toughest, most delicate situation in the history of the organization as far as I see it. It will be very, very tough for the organization to keep both players and it's not going to be cheap. I know both want to be here, but how long with that last if they're getting low ball offers?

Do u sense that the Richardson's are having problems monetarily....what with the reducing of payroll.....not renegotiating with Fox......I am also concerned with the Willis contract....Why don't we do a contract renegotiation with Davis and Beason now with the uncapped year....I see nothing good coming from these trends....what do u think?

Charles Chandler: One of the primary reasons for the tight budget is to prepare for next season in case there's a lockout. Jerry Richardson does not want to have to lay off any employees if there is no football. So every dollar he saves now helps to pay their salaries next year if income is way down.

We tend to forget how many lives will be effected by a lockout other than just players and owners. Personally, as tough as it is to say, I would rather have a 1-15 season from the Panthers than have 150-200 people lose their jobs because the organization didn't choose to tighten the bootstraps now. 

Who's most likely to start at right guard between Bernadeau, Schwartz, Robinson or someone else?

Charles Chandler: Looks like Schwartz right now but Mac will have a say in that before it's over. Doubt it'

Well I'll be! Panthers must have been reading CSR because I've been suggesting this for months! But seriously, Schwartz at RG gives us a mountain to move in the running game.


Those were the most interesting questions. A ton of questions about 'how good does Armanti look?' to which the answer was 'good', pretty much what we've heard before. Just wanted to break it down in a quick manor for those who can't be bothered to look at the entire chat.

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