My Panther Nightmare!


I'm curious. How many of you guys out there dream about the Panthers?

No, not those kind of dreams.

I'm just asking, because the other night I had what could be considered a Panthers' fan's worst nightmare! It only lasted a few minutes, but it was so real, vivid, and I can remember just being in complete disbelief in my sleep. I swear I even yelled a few times.

So what was this dream about? Find out after the jump!

Whether you agree or disagree with some of the individual picks, most of you probably thought the draft was a success. I'm with you. I loved it. A couple of the choices had to grow on me, but I've got a good feeling about this year. I've spent way too much time watching YouTube videos and reading all of your comments about how great so and so is going to be.

So here's the nightmare. Something happened the day after the draft. Roger Goodell called a news conference and reset the whole thing. We had to draft again! It gets worse...

We have no first round draft picks. I couldn't watch it on tv for some reason so I'm on CSR following the comments when all of the sudden I see this:

The Panthers have traded into the first round. They sent our 2nd round pick this year and 1st next year to Cleveland for Jake Delhomme.


That's all I remember saying. I couldn't believe it. I broke out in sweats. I remember frantically searching CSR, in my dream, hoping it wasn't true. Oh, but it was.

Someone picked up a quote from Fox saying something like, "After we traded him away, I watched some film and could just see he was so close to getting back to form. He's worth what we paid."

Look, this is no Jake bashing. I love the guy. I probably would have stuck with him like Fox did (ok, maybe not that long), but I was in disbelief that we'd trade away so much for a guy we just cut.

The rest of the draft was full of guys I guess my dream just made up. I do remember being shocked we skipped over Edwards for some guy named Mike Smith from South Florida (like I said, doesn't exist). I can only imagine how many disappointed Panthers' fans had to rush to return their  jerseys.

So yeah, it was a nightmare.

Ever dream about the Panthers? There's got to be some good ones out there!

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