Some interesting facts about your Carolina Panthers

  • Every member of the Panthers roster have at least two vowels in their full name.
  • All players on the Panthers squad weighs at least 150 lbs.
  • You can rearrange the letters in Carolina Panthers to spell A Carol in her Pants
  • The teal in the Panthers uniform really makes DeAngelo's eyes "pop"
  • God I'm bored.  Ok, we all know how brutal this time of year is for a true football fans, that time between the draft and the start of OTA's, so I've been cruising around the rest of SB Nation looking for anything interesting.

    After visiting Tampa, Saints and Falcons blogs, I've come up with some interesting opinions of our Carolina Panthers from our division rival fans.

    1. In an article about Tampa Bay going from worst to first...

    Carolina- I actually think Carolina has gone backwards this year, their D line is has been totally remade, still don’t have a receiving core outside of Smith and more is going into first full season as a starter, of course there is a rookie looking over his shoulder waiting to jump first time he messes up and Fox is in totally contract disarray. I think they are poised take step back, of course they still have Double Trouble, that O- line and the aforementioned Smith, plus Fox always seems to rebound no matter what season.

    2.  In the same article...

    As much as I say Tampa has no chance, I have said

    that before and been wrong

    So, it COULD happen

    But, I suspect the Saints/Panthers go 1-2

    The only shift I see will be Carolina slipping down and us improving. Enough for us to be 3rd in the division? I think so… With new, unproven QB’s and a similarly fresh WR core (Steve Smith excluded), Carolina will become more one dimensional on offense. And while Williams and Stewart are great backs, I don’t see them running all over us (or other opponents) again this year.

    3. This was in an article about predictions for Tampa this year.

    The Buccaneers will win "8" games this year. This is a little bold for my own tastes, but I have faith. Carolina's defense will suffer greatly this year will the loss of Julius Peppers.

    4.  The Saints had an entire FanPost dedicated to dissing on Jimmy Clausen... (and it's quite obvious they don't have the great sense of humor we here at CSR do)

    5.  This in an article dedicted entirely to what the Falcons fans could do to piss off the NFC South fans...

    3.Try to sneak up behind Jerry Richardson and mess up his pacemaker. (thats too mean)

    5.Spring for some ads in the Carolina region with pictures of their mascot, so now EVERYBODY there knows that his name is “Sir Purr”

    6.Do the same for New Orleans, because the only mascot worse than Sir Purr is “Gumbo the Dog”

    7. Somebody can make a statue or a “bust” of Jimmy Clausen and put it outside the Panthers facility

    6.   In the Falcons version of worst to first article...

    What I do see happening is the Saints faltering. Their defense ran on turnovers last year, and it’s hard to sustain that. They also won a bunch of very close games that could’ve swung the other way (Dolphins, Redskins). I’d really expect the Falcons or the Panthers to take the division, because I think the Falcons can bounce back from an injury-marred season last year, and for the Panthers Matt Moore really impressed me last year.

    7.  In an thread comparing NFC South teams pre-draft.....

    Carolina is in even worse shape. If not for there nasty duo of RBs, they wouldn’t have a chance. They are lacking draft picks, and released a number of veterans. Bite the bullet and trade a RB for some extra picks. Otherwise they are at best 2 years out of returning to a winning team.

    8.  In an article about why Atlanta's offseason was so much better than the leagues...

    We didn't lose multiple starters and have no signings to replace them. Carolina Panthers  


    I found it interesting that other than a couple of intelligent people, the majority seem to think that Carolina will finish at best 3rd in the division with a losing record. The recurring theme of our downfall seems to be the Defensive Line. 

     So much fodder and stupidity here to comment on. I would like to join each blog to refute some of this garbage, but I'll just sit back and see what the rest of CSR has to say. So pick out a number and reply.

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