Weighing the Panthers Risk for Buyers Remorse from the 2010 Draft

The Panthers draft team has done a good job the past few drafts selecting players at both ends of the draft that continue to contribute on the field. I think the 2010 Panther draft class has similar potential, from the early to the late selections. If you're like me though you'll be keeping an eye on some of the guys the Panthers passed on. I can't help but follow guys for a couple seasons to see if they surpass the production of the guy the Panthers actually took. When I look at this class there again are a few selections where there was another player available that the Panthers passed on that I would have liked to see in electric blue.

For example, from the 2008 draft I find it worthwhile to compare the stats of these players alongside our picks:

  • OT Jeff Otah vs. the Texans Duane Brown: push - both are starters but no further distinguishable stats. I bet this is the year though that Otah develops an edge
  • CB Charles Godfrey vs. Falcons CB Chevis Jackson: Godfrey edge - though Godfrey moved to FS he has started every game he was healthy, Jackson remains a back-up since the Falcons chose to bring in CB Duanta Robinson rather than elevate Jackson
  • LB Dan Conner vs. Bengals DT Pat Sims (push) - Neither player has made much of an impact to date though that is expected to change this season, at least for Conner.

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  • DE Everette Brown vs. Texans DE Conner Barwin: Edge Barwin

Barwin has a few more tackles and 4.5 to 2.5 sacks in their rookie seasons; Both players enter 2010 looking to increase their snaps though neither is a lock to start

With Irvin missing the season to injury there is no real comparison thoug Gilbert hardly impressive with only 4 games played and one tackle; I realize Gilbert was selected ahead of Irvin but I thought the Panthers could have simply selected Gilbert at #59 and gone DE in the 3rd with a guy like the Falcons Lawrence Sidbury.

Smith has 7 more tackles and 8 more passes defensed (12 vs. 4); on the other hand Smith had zero INT's to Martin's 3.

Let's now look at the future comparison from the 2010 draft class, which in some cases will take two or three season to compare:

It was no secret I loved Gilyard so considering the Panthers passed on him for Edwards this one is a natural for me. I think both go into similar depth chart situations and either could earn #2 WR roles if they excel in camp. Gilyard though carries less risk as we have no real idea how Edwards will perform as a WR against NFL level secondaries. We should get a good feel for this one in their rookie seasons.

Though you really can't compare these positions stat-wise, if Clausen fails to live up to expectations and either of the Gator DE's goes to the Pro Bowl this will be a miss in my view. It will take a few years before a real comparison can be made and it could be made moot if either Scoot Norwood or Greg Hardy turn into solid pass rushers

Again two positions that are hard to compare statistically but we all seem to agree the Panthers were expected to select a DT in this draft. The Panthers traded back rather than select Woods and the Saints traded up to grab Woods right before the Panthers eventually selected Norwood. If Norwood fails to develop beyond a situational player yet Woods becomes a three down DT I would consider it a miss on the trade back. The wildcard in this comparison though is WR David Gettis, the player the Panthers selected this that extra 6th rounder from the trade back. If Gettis becomes a contributor in the passing game and Woods fails to become a quality starter then the comparison could swing the other way.

Those are my selections for future ‘Buyers Remorse' comparisons from the 2010 draft, if you can call it that. I want to be clear that at this point though I like this draft, I understand why the Panthers selected the players they did, at least the ones identified in this post. I also have faith that each of the Panthers selections will win their future comparisons, though it won't stop me from doing it anyway.

So what are your future comparisons?

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