Notes from day two of mini camp

Not a lot of information out of Panthers camp today with only Darin Gantt Tweets available to nourish a hungry fanbase. Despite the lack of information there are some promising signs from Gantt's words as he talks about the look of the four QBs, Dwayne Jarrett and the Panthers' defensive rookies.

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We'll start with Gantt's last Tweet from the first day of mini camp relating to his opinion of Jimmy Clausen:

First impression of Clausen: Kid throws a nice ball. Has reached out to teammates, made himself available. Now he just has to beat Moore.

Nothing earth-shattering in Gantt's words, and essentially tells us what we already know. This should give us a baseline for his opinion on the young QB as we can measure it against future comments. Don't be surprised in Gantt gives a somewhat Clausen biased appraisal of the QB position, as (in my opinion) he is clearly not sold on Matt Moore judging from past posts. But nice to see he's reaching out to teammates, it goes further to dispelling some of the pre-draft myths about Clausen.


Gantt's first tweet of day two brought the shocking overhaul of the Panthers' defense into light:

Panthers realization of the day: With T.Davis taking Sat. off, only three starters on D who held those jobs in '09: Beason, Gamble, Godfrey.

It's hard to believe these are the only players left of defense from the 2009 starters. Lots of players getting their opportunities. Also needs to be noted that Gantt has suspended any conversation of Richard Marshall, hopefully he doesn't know something we don't.


As the day continued Gantt turned his attention back to the quarterbacks and WRs, particularily Dwayne Jarrett when he said:

Several nice Dwayne Jarrett catches in the afternoon practice. I'll have to see it translate in the regular season to believe it, but still.

I'm in the same boat as Darin on this one. Once bitten, twice shy, third time ??. This marks the third preseason where we've heard encouraging reports regarding Dwayne Jarrett only to be let down in August during the preseason games. I truly hope he's turned a corner, but I'm too wary to bank of it.


We all know the QB position is deeper than it's been in a long time, even though the corps as a whole is incredibly young. Gantt seems impressed with the group too:

The Panthers may have never had four QBs in camp who can throw like these four can. There's generally been a rag-arm or two in there.

Lets hope the group keeps it up. I see Hunter Cantwell as being the odd man out at the moment. While I believe the Panthers like him very much don't be surprised if we lose him to a team much like the Cowboys lost Matt Moore when they cut him in hopes of putting him on the practice squad.


Finally some news about the Panthers' defensive rookies Eric Norwood and Greg Hardy:

Greg Hardy and Eric Norwood each showed flashes of pass-rush in the afternoon session. Going to be interesting to see them in pads.

If there's one thing the Panthers need on defense, it's more pass rushers. Hopefully the two rookies will be hungry enough to translate their early play into on field performance. Both have the potential to be two of the biggest defensive steals of the draft, let's hope they can prove something.


Like I said, nothing earth shattering but at this point do we need earth shattering news? It's been eventful enough as a Panthers' fan this offseason, now it's all about the guys stepping up and playing.

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