SBN Official Mock Draft - Panthers Pick Pending

I realize we've been mock drafting to death around here but this is actually 'The Official' SBN blogger mock draft and the Panthers pick is up soon. You may have already noticed some of the picks going down on Mocking the Draft which is where the picks are announced. You can check the right side bar of MTD to see the picks to date (if its updated). Though they have only announced the picks through #38 I know who has been picked up through #43.

So that only leaves four more picks until I am up. My pick is due to MTD by Thursday 10am. So I would like your input on this though in the end I'm going to pull the trigger. The four picks remaining before the Panthers are Patriots, Broncos, Giant and Patriots again. I'm expecting the Patriots to take at least one WR which will most likely be Damian Williams I bet. The rest of the list of players to choose from is after the jump.

VOTE for your Top 5 by Clicking Here

Remaining highest-ranked players and some of my comments: VOTE for your Top 5 by Clicking Here

Damian Williams - WR - This guy is growing on me but doubt he will be there; tremendously PR too

Arrelious Benn - WR - Most agree he's the best remaining WR after Williams

Jonathan Dwyer - RB - Tremendous talent if only we needed a RB

Mardy Gilyard - WR -  My favorite WR since the Senior Bowl

Brandon LaFell - WR - Another polished receiver who could contribute but not necessarily a deep threat

Rob Gronkowski - TE - Back injury concerns me

Brandon Spikes - ILB - Would he fit at SLB?

Brian Price - DT - Best DT left on the board; he would be hard to pass up

Arthur Jones - DT - Should still be there in 3rd round

Chad Jones - S - Nice prospect but we are deep at safety

Rennie Curran - OLB - Raw prospect who will need to time to develop

Corey Wootten - DE - More of a run stopper than pass rusher but highest rated remaining DE

Greg Hardy - DE - His recent weight issues have his stock dropping; some say 4th rounder now

I'm going to use the same polling tool to get your input. Follow this link here to vote for your top 5 from this list.

You can then check out Mocking the Draft on Friday (not exactly sure when the pick will post) to see who I went with.

Last year I selected DT Jarron Gilbert with the #59 pick. I still think that was a good pick.

In 2008 I selected LT Ryan Clady and then DT Dre' Moore in the 2nd round. Mocking Dan actually didn't like my pick of Clady back then but I bet he would have liked it now. 

In 2007 I picked S Reggie Nelson though can't find the link to that one.

Thanks for participating!

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