The Panther's night at the local bar. The lap dance, the girl we kinda wanted to go home with and the girl we would have gone home with at 2am.

After suffering through 7 season's of the mediocre Jake Delhomme, I was so happy to see Matt Moore finally get his shot. He was  a QB who didn't get drafted, played 3rd fiddle to two QB's who he was clearly better than: Jake Delhomme and Josh McCown; bided his time, and finally got on the field.

It took a Tommy John surgery, broken finger and a hurt ankle to get there, but he was finally on the field. 

He did alot with his opportunity.

He went 4-1, had 8 TD's with only 1 INT, had half the yardage in 5 games that his starter did in 11, and had the true fans of the Carolina Panthers believing he was the QB of the future. 

Then the story took a turn for the worse....

The Pro-ready QB Jimmy Clausen fell to the 48th pick. Being the Panthers, the organization stuck to their guns and drafted the best player available. He just happened to be a QB. So Hurney and Fox got a lap dance (you cant complain when the hot blonde falls in your lap).

So now, with a good QB (the sexy brunette) Matt Moore, and the lap dance on the roster, we now have what I feel is the last thing we need. A QB controversy.

You may feel that competition is the key to making players better, but there is an equal arguement. Making a player feel comfortable and that "he is the man" can be equally effective.

So now we have a sexy brunette and a sexy blonde fighting it out. If, for once, Hurney et al would have drafted by need, we wouldn't be concerned about one position, we could have been praising how great Everson Griffen, Golden Tate, Terrance Cody, Cam Thomas, (fill in 4 or 5 others here) would have helped the Panthers succeed, not only this year but for years to come.

So, there's the lap dance.

Let's look at the girl we kinda wanted to go home with: Brandon LaFell.

I think we got a younger, better version of Mushin with this pick. He can catch, run a route so that his QB knows where he will be, and most importantly, push a CB or S off the play when DeAngelo or Jonathon turns the corner and can see daylight. LaFell is that little hottie sitting with 3 fat friends who you want to go home with at 10pm. A good 3rd round pick.

It's now 11:30pm. You want to find that girl with the double jointed legs and a fat tongue.

But instead, the bar is clearing out a little bit and you spy that really cute girl sitting by the dart boards. Man, she is attractive. I think I'll make a play for her. That is Armanti Edwards.

He got some publicity as being the best "small school" player in the draft, but Jesus H Christ, you don't trade a sure bet next week (Everson Griffen, Cam Thomas, (fill in 4 or 5 others here)) to go home with a girl at 2am.

That's my take on Day 2 of the draft.

I hope Matt or Jimbo Clampett has a QB rating of 121.3, 29 TD's and 3 INT's. I hope Brandon has 71/1034/8 and Armanti has.... 156.9 QB rating (7 passes, 7 TD's, 480 yards), 1654 return yards, 48/560/6.

I hope that happens but I feel we could have done a hell of a lot better with those 3 picks, AND, not had to make a move on the 2am girl at 11:30.

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