King of the Draft? Hardly...

I know railing on Peter King is good sport for some but I usually find it too easy...but given I'm needing a diversion from mocking the draft, Kings' latest will do just fine. Let's see King has five things he thinks he knows, he thinks. But he's not sure. Really? So he must be referring to some long-shot scenario because surely Peter King must grasp the obvious at this point:

Here's what King thinks he might think, he thinks, maybe:

1. I think the Jaguars want to move down, and they're not alone.

...I thought he could deal with Seattle at No. 14, moving down four spots and picking up the 60th overall pick, the choice Seattle acquired from San Diego in the Charlie Whitehurst deal. No dice, though -- even though it makes a lot of sense for the Seahawks to come up for running back C.J. Spiller, one of the objects of their affection.

Here's more.

2. I think the Eagles want to come up.

Let me rephrase that -- I know they want to come up. The Eagles are in a very small club, teams that want to jump up from low in the first round to the upper half. I believe Philly wants one of the two safeties in the draft -- Eric Berry of Tennessee or Earl Thomas of Texas. With the 24th, 35th, 55th and 70th picks, the Eagles absolutely have the ammo to move up.

I will give King slight props for this:

...the Dolphins don't want to finish up with the 12th pick and no others in the top 70. Miami is in a tough spot, I think, if unable to flip the pick down because the Dolphins want to get someone to rush the passer, and there's not a single no-doubt long-term double-digit-sack lock in this draft.

Here's some more wonderful insight:

I don't mean the guys at the very top of the draft -- I'm talking more about, say, 10 to 25. One name: Maurkice Pouncey. (Full draft profile on Pouncey here.) So many teams look at him and say, "He's a plug-and-play player for the next 10 years.'' Meaning you can put him in the lineup for the next 10 years and not worry about it.

Gee doesn't every GM expect or at least hope they can plug their 1st round pick into the line-up for the next 10 years? Why esle would you draft them and pay them millions? I'm sure Pouncey will be a good pro, most seem to concur. But will a team spend such a high pick on a center? Ryan Kalil probably doesn't think so.

So the last thing Peter thinks he knows but isn't sure is that Colt McCoy is a good QB and should be a late 1st round pick. So there you have it...wonderful insight from the King of the Draft.

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