Panthers Offseason Game Changing Moves

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Hello CSR members! One of SBN's major sponsors is Sprint and they have asked for a series of sponsored posts about our game changing moves of the offseason. Sounds good to me...Sprint rocks and I love my Palm Pre, so here it goes.

The first big move of the offseason was easy. The release of long time and fan favorite QB Jake Delhomme was a bit of shock. What wasn't a shock is the motive for the move, the elevation of back-up QB Matt Moore to starter. Moore went 4-1 down the stretch for the Panthers last season in relief of an injured Delhomme. In fact he played well enough to given us confidence the kid is ready for the 'keys to caddy'.

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Moore so far has been fairly good at what Delhomme struggled at last season; protecting the ball. Delhomme threw 18 INT's in 11 starts last season. Moore threw two in 5 starts. Before you call it coincidence considered Moore was very good at avoiding INT's in college as well. Moore is very good at knowing the zone in which to throw a ball, the zone that allows hsi receiver to catch ball and if they don't avoid the INT. Moore also has a fairly quick release and with his size (6'3") and strong arm doesn't have a problem getting the ball en route.

Moore isn't without his issues. He needs to improve his pocket awareness and learn to not stare down his receiver. All young QB's struggle with learning progressions and looking off the safety. Moore also doesn't bring the fire a Jake Delhomme brings, but he does exude confidence even after taking a hit. I'd like to see him put on a little weight strength-wise to insure he can take the pounding of a full season. Most importantly OC Jeff Davidson needs to design a game plan that plays to this kids strengths. What exactly that is I'm not sure but hey, Davidson gets paid the bigs bucks to figure that out. Maybe its similar to what Delhomme ran but let's hope we get the ingenuity from Davidson we were hoping for when he came over.

Now watch this video and see the kids potential yourself. I think his best pass of the season was the TD to Jarrett because it was right on the money in tight coverage. It was the kind of play to get excited about, not just for Moore but for Jarrett as well.

Another thought I had from watching this video is I think Moore sells the play-action well too. Sure it helps when you have a great running game that forces the defense to respect the run, but he does a good job on the fakes.

It was a bold off-season move the Panthers made in releasing Delhomme and handing the job over to Matt Moore. But was it a risky move? I don't think so after watching these highlights.

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