Jordan Gross' Kickball Tournament a Success

Hey guys, I just got back from the tournament. I had to make it to the gym before it closed, so unfortunately I didn't get to watch the whole thing, but it was awesome hanging out with almost everybody in the Panthers roster. They are the classiest group of people you will ever meet, and I know you won't want to miss out on this great event next year.

Jordan's done a great job holding this event. It was for a great cause, and the locals came out to support Jordan and his family.


Steve Smith. Kids love him.


Here's the list of the players that I got to talk to and take pictures with:

Chris Harris, Tyler Brayton, Thomas Davis, Ryan Kalil, Steve Smith, Jason Baker, Everett Brown, Jordan Gross, Jeff King, Double Trouble, Gary Barnidge, Tony Fiametta, Matt Moore, Geoff Schwartz, Travelle Wharton, and Kenneth Moore

More pictures after the jump...

Memorable moments:


Pros vs. Joes - At least while I was there, Joes were dominating. They had already played 7 games before facing the Panthers. Harris pitched the first couple innings and Smitty took over. Obviously, the Pros went easy on the Joes but it really was fun to watch. Jordan was a fabulous commentator throughout the game.


Kenny and Gary just throwing some football around before the game


Gary with a great catch


The Joes


The Pros + Sir Purr


The Hitman with a deadly pitch


Everette Brown


Everette's arm's the size of my head


He did gain about 10Ibs in the off-season, but he was in great shape as well. Brown and I joked a bit and I got to measure his biceps and my hands couldn't quite measure them. Also a great guy and funny too.



Steve Smith and I have almost the same height, yet I look small compared to him


Definitely the kid's favorite. He came a bit later than everyone, and the kids were going crazy. I got to shake his hand, and you're right Jaxon, he's got such a strong grip it's no question he catches every ball that's coming his way.

Chris Harris


The Hitman himself. I hope you don't mind me putting this up.

I have to apologize, Chris, for looking a bit shady, stalking your every movement (this is the Asian kid that was creeping up on you before the game). I'm such a Panthers peasant, and I just couldn't help but to look like a teenybopper at a Justin Bieber concert. But Chris is a classy guy and just looking at him, you know why his nickname's The Hitman. I need to be on his off-season diet.

The Panthers organization has done a great job building a great team, and you can see why the Panthers have passed up on some FA players that had off-field or locker room issues.

That's it folks! I have more pics with the guys, but definitely come out and support the Panthers and Jordan's family next year!

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