Drinking the Meeks Kool-Aid and how we use the draft

I'm a long-time fan of CSR, but this is my first post. 

I may be in the minority, but I am extremely optimistic about our defense, even with the "losses."  Getting TD back will add the playmaker that we lost with Peppers.  Otherwise, IMHO our starting line-up will be just what Dr. Meeks is looking for.  To beat the Saints, the defense needs to be fast and disciplined, and smash'm in the mouth every play.  I do think adding some depth with late picks and/or late FA pickups will create another top ten defense.  More after the jump...

So, the biggest needs IMHO are on offense.  I don't want this to blog to turn into a M. Moore pi$$ing contest.  I'll just say I thought the kid showed a lot.  I think he plays smarter than Jake already, and I saw improvement with every start last year.  While I agree with everybody that we should add a veteran backup (and I like Bulger in this role), if Moore doesn't get it done we're pretty much screwed in 2010.  I believe in him, but let's get him some more weapons.

Having said that, here's my thoughts on the draft.  There are two players I think the Panthers should not let get away.  Golden Tate is Smitty redux, according to everything I've read and seen.  But, we'll likely have to move up at least to the top of the 2nd to get him.  Imagine Smitty's delight at mentoring his protege.

Armanti Edwards is jumping up the boards.  Why?  Think Reggie Bush with a strong, accurate arm.  I saw him play against Montana, and even in the loss Edwards was incredible.  But I don't think he'll get past the 4th at this point.  He can return punts, and could line up in the slot or even in packages at QB, giving us a true wildcat threat.  Combined with our running attack, defensive coordinators would be $hitting themselves.

So, how can we package picks to get these guys?  IMO, it's definitely worth giving up the 6th and 7th picks (leaving us still with our comp picks).  With the comp picks, I'd say look at a big WR (David Gettis?) with speed, desire, and brains; in case Jarrett still can't figure out where to line up.  Also, the defensive depth (and future) alluded to before, and maybe another QB prospect (Kafka?).

I admit that I don't know the "pick value" formula, so I'm hoping you geniuses will help me out.

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