A D-ranged Panthers Mock: Final Version

Alright, guys, I've had a few weeks to adjust my personal Panther mock and I'm finally back with the final version! Quite a few changes here as I realized I had been going about it in completely the wrong manner (at least, in my opinion)! Every team focuses on filling needs through free agency and the draft. Well, you know what? Just like they did with free agency, I believe the Panthers say 'F-THAT'! You can't win in the NFL by following the same old formula year in, year out. The Panthers realize this and that is why I believe the draft is going to be as follows..

Round 2: RB - Montario Hardesty
Lets face it, Carolina is a run first team! Running is what we do, it is what we live by and what we die by. As we learned in 2004, you can never have too many running backs! What really seals this deal though? The fact that he was born and raised in New Bern, NC! A big, home-grown power back with deceptive speed, I'm predicting Montario finds his way to third string back by the end of the pre-season, behind Williams and Stewart, meanwhile ahead of Sutton and Goodson.

Round 3: QB - Jarrett Brown
With the still unproven Matt Moore primed to take the helm, we need a QB that can come in and immediately pressure him for the starting spot. I'm confident that Jarrett Brown would be an absolute steal in the third round. A young QB that's able to tuck the ball, get down field, and deliver a big hit to gain the first down, if necessary, is exactly what we need on this team to compliment our running back army.

Round 4: K - Alex Steigerwald
It's no secret that Baker is getting up there in age. With the release of Rhys Lloyd, the Panthers now find themselves in need of a replacement. Alex has a strong leg with good accuracy but, more importantly, has the speed to tuck the ball on a fake field goal attempt and run like hell for that first down. We're talking turning three points into six, possibly seven here. I just can't bring myself to pass on this guy any longer, he's coming to Carolina in the fourth!

Round 6: WR - Kelton Tindal
Steve Smith says we need another receiving threat on this team?! Alright, Smitty, take this one! Don't blame me if you find yourself drifting down the depth chart behind this guy, though, you asked for it! With our first sixth round selection, we're going after Newberry wide receiver Kelton Tindal. The guy is big, the guy is fast, and he had a 76 yard touchdown run in 2006. He'll be fantastic for us on the end-around. I'm telling you, defenses just won't know who to defend!

Round 6: ILB - Jacob Cutrera
Eventual replacement for Beason, meanwhile we could try him out at running back.

Round 6: TE - Matt Kushner
Coming from N.C. State at 6'4, 265lbs, Matt is a big boy, and you can never have too many big bodies between our running backs and opposing teams defenders! Kushner will be a perfect fit for the new Aussie formation they're planning to roll out next year.

Round 7: DT - Kendrick Stewart
Some argue that DT may be our most pressing need this year but I must disagree. I think this seventh round diamond-in-the-rough is all that we need to plug up that hole! Although only 6'2, 271lbs, this monster benches 465 pounds! That's almost like picking up Kris Jenkins! We could also plug him in at fullback and let him pick up incoming blitzers... and I do most literally mean pick up.

I've compiled all highlights here for easy viewing.

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