Panther Paw Prints - Over 30 Purge Edition

Update by Jaxon: After reading this headline for the first time today it occurred to me there was a better way to describe 'the purge'. Over 30 Purge. So I had to change it.

After watching one of the biggest roster purges in NFL history Panther fans are a little bewildered as we survey the remains of the Panthers roster.One of the biggest if not the biggest surprise was the release of fan favorite FB Brad Hoover:

Inside the Panthers: Hoover: "I never wanted to leave Carolina"
"I never wanted to leave Carolina," Hoover, 33, said in a telephone interview. "My intention was to play my whole career here. "But for 10 years I was given the opportunity to play for the Panthers and it was a dream come true. To play in my home state, in front of great fans, with a great organization, it’s hard to part ways with that for me personally. "Today is a very hard day in my life because I’ve been with one organization, one team, for such a long time. … If I could’ve written my script, I would’ve retired as a Panther."

If only we could build a whole roster of players with Brad Hoover's attitude we would be a thankful fan base. What a contrast to DE Julius Peppers, who had no such 'dream' though he too was a local product. Peppers instead wasted no time getting his drink on in Chi-town:

Peppers Wastes No Time Enjoying Chicago - The Trenches - The Trenches - Sporting News
Peppers, one of three of the newest Chicago Bears, purchased 25 bottles of Perrier Jouet Fleur de Champagne ($350 per bottle) at Crescendo and had them distributed by staff around 2:30 a.m. on Saturday — complete with sparklers, according to the Chicago Tribune. The crowd was told it was Peppers' way of saying thanks for the warm welcome. Peppers celebrated at the nightclub with two other people in a roped-off area and ordered three bottles of Ace of Spades Rose ($3,000 per bottle) for his table, the newspaper reports.

Let's see how long the honeymoon lasts...

Of course the real blindside was the release of QB Jake Delhomme. Well, at least one person was blindsided:

Here's the real reason behind Jake's tears -
Jake Delhomme is the best quarterback the Panthers have ever had. But he was terrible in 2009, after an awful playoff game at the end of 2008. Still, when he found out he was off the team, as he put it Friday, he was "blindsided." In his mind, he was still in his prime.

I think its safe to say that if not for the uncapped year Delhomme and probably a couple other players would still be on the roster...Would somebody please tell this next guy to shut up!

Darin Gantt's Panthers Blog | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
The diminutive passer might need to be a WR at the next level, as many view him as a slot receiver and return man. But Edwards said the Panthers have scheduled a private workout for him on March 18, two days after his pro day workout for all teams. There, he'll work as both a passer and a receiver. "The Panthers have been showing a good amount of interest, more than any team," Edwards wrote on the website.

The Panthers won't like you tipping their hand Edwards and personally I'd like to see what you got...Now when it comes to a back-up QB I prefer to know what I got, so let's please wrap this guy up:

Can Panthers find another QB? -
The free-agent market is next to useless, with no viable, young alternative in the unrestricted market. In fact, their own backup, Josh McCown, is probably the best of the bunch, and he said recently the Panthers sound interested, but not eager to do anything soon. That sets him up as the fall-back position in case their other plans don't pan out.

Mock this! Yours truly is rep-ing the Panthers in a mock draft over at, a Cleveland Browns blog. It's hard to get excited about mocks yet again when you don't pick until #47 but I'm trying to humor myself. I'll ping you guys though when it gets close just to see what you think of the remaining options.

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