Panthers Mock Draft Update with Comp Picks

I found a full 7 round Mock Draft with compensatory picks and since I can't help but pour over mock drafts this time of year I thought I would share. After the jump I'll summarize's updated 7 round mock for the Panthers and then make my own picks based on the players available in the linked mock draft.

Here's the site's selections with mine in the 2nd column:

Pick # Mock Pick Position Jaxon Pick Position
2nd round #48 Tyson Alualu DT Mardy Gilyard WR
3rd Round # 79 Tony Pike QB Greg Hardy DE

4th Round #113

Dezmon Briscoe WR Arthur Jones DT

6th Round # 176

Rashawn Jackson FB

Dekota Watson

6th Round # 203 John Fletcher DT Mark Kafka QB
6th Round #205 Brad Phillips S Thomas Austin C/OG
7th Round #224 Reggie Stephens OG Steven Williams WR
7th Round # 250 Justin Cole DE Armanti Edwards QB/KR/WR


Here's my reasoning:

#48 - Gilyard WR - The Panthers need more speed at WR more than anything plus they need a guy that can potentially contribute right away. I think Gilyard's performance in the Senior Bowl shows he can raise his game, make big catches and add YAC. He is also another option to return kicks. I agree the Panthers also need a bigger, possession type receiver who excels at blocking. I think they can get that guy in the mid to late rounds.

#79 Greg Hardy DE - With the biggest question mark being the pass rush I think Hardy brings too much potential to be another option at DE to not select given I thought he would be long gone by now

#113 - Arthur Jones DT - The Panthers need more options at DT that can penetrate as a 2 gap DT and Jones has the strength and burst to be effective. Jones can also provide some insurance if Leonard Lewis is unable to hold down the NG spot and get into the rotation. I think defensive lineman will go early in this draft meaning the options get slim after the 4th round.The kicker for me was as the positive comments about high-motor, intelligence and team leader qualities.

#176 Dekota Watson OLB - Continuing the focus on defensive depth the Panthers need to reload some talent at LB. Watson has increased his weight to 240lbs  without any speed loss and is now a solid SLB prospect.

#203 Mark Kafka QB - Though there are concerns about Kafka's arm strength he has the size and intelligence to make it at the next level. I'm pretty sure that was the knock on Delhomme coming out of college. He will need a couple season's to work on technique but he comes with good accuracy and QB smarts. I'm not expecting him to be the #2 in 2010 as I'm positive the Panthers will bring a vet to back-up Moore. Kafka only needs present more promise than Cantwell. I would agree Kafka is my most questionable pick but I think QB is a position to take a late round risk when you have three 6th round picks.

#205 Thomas Austin C/OG - The Panthers have one spot to fill on the line and preferrably need a center - guard combo. Austin fits the bill as Mel Kiper called him the best senior center prospect prior to the 2009 season. He's big (6'3", 304), strong (33 reps) and has starting experience at all three interior positions. He will also have time to develop behind a solid Panther line.

#224 - Stephen Williams WR - As I said in the Gilyard write-up this draft has the depth at WR for the Panthers to get a big, possession receiver in the later rounds and Williams is a good example. He's got size,  soft hands and knows how to go get the ball. I agree though there might better options as I struggled with this pick the most.

#250 Armanti Edwards - You might say I've bought into some of the hype on this blog on Edwards and figure he's worth a shot if he can at least return kicks. Just the possibility he could provide an x-factor in our offense similar to Percy Harvin makes the risk worth it given the Panthers don't really have many more needs.

So what do you guys think? Who has the better Panthers draft?

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