Breakdown of Current Carolina Panthers Defensive Lineup for 2010

I don't think anybody saw the changes coming down the pipe, expect for the DE position of course. So how does the current defensive lineup look and what concerns will we be facing.

Proj. Depth Name Age Yrs
1 Chris Harris 27 6
1 Charles Godfrey 24 3

It's interesting that the Panthers don't list Sherrod Martin as a safety although some fans think he should start there instead of Godfrey. But it does make it easy to figure out who will be starting at the safety position, right?. Actually I do wonder what the plan is for this position and if any shakeup will occur.

Proj. Depth Name Age Yrs
1 Chris Gamble 27 7
1 Richard Marshall 25 5
3 Captain Munnerlyn 21 2
4 Sherrod Martin 25 2
5 Marcus Hudson 27 5
6 C.J. Wilson 24 4
7 Marcus Walker 23 1

The biggest question here is if Marshall will be offered a contract from another team. Only using a 2nd round tender is a head-scratcher and it wouldn't be surprising for him to receive an offer. I do think this was a wise move however as it gives Marshall a chance to test his value. A a higher pick would have surely locked him into the Panthers. Then whatever contract he is offered if the Panther choose to match would be at market value or receive a much needed draft pick. The way Munnerlyn and Martin performed last season its easy to why the risk was taken.

Proj. Depth Name Age Yrs
1 Jon Beason 25 4
1 Thomas Davis 26 6
1 Dan Connor 24 3
4 James Anderson 26 5
? Brett Warren 25 1
? Jordan Senn 25 3
? Mortty Ivy 23 1
? Quinton Culberson 24 4

I really hadn't looked at our depth at the LB position before now, but maybe I should say what depth. I think Conner has the edge to start and since Anderson been on the team hold a close 2nd to Conner. The rest of the LB group I have no idea. This will be an interesting position to watch and see how the depth plays out.

Defensive Tackle
Proj. Depth Name Age Yrs
1 Tank Tyler* 26 4
1 Louis Leonard 25 4
3 Corey Irvin 24 2
4 Ed Johnson 26 2
5 Derek Landri 26 4
6 Nick Hayden 24 2

I'm sure I don't have the order correct and I do wonder if we have the final pieces on the team. Yet, I also wonder how much emphasis we have put on the DT position just because of the injury issues last season. Of course the biggest concern for the full team is the whole defensive line. Out of all 7 DT currently on the roster they have a combined 3 starts for the Panthers. Yikes!

*UPDATED: Years pro for Tank Tyler*

Defensive End
Proj. Depth Name Age Yrs
1 Everette Brown
1 Charles Johnson
3 Hilee Taylor
4 Eric Moore

This has to be the area with the largest question mark, no question asked. Can Brown and Johnson shoulder the load and what about the depth? Much a be debated about their readiness but obviously there is faith that they can hold their own. I do wonder when Hurney and Fox kew they wouldn't resign the DE that shall not be named or if they thought a long term deal could be reach. Regardless this is who we have and I would still expect some moment to the roster in this area.

I am by far more concerned about the how the defense will look than the offense, but I'm a believer in Meek's system and will keep the faith he can pull it off again.

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