Panther Paw Prints: Friday Edition

Let's start with a little talk about the WR position courtesy of retired Panthers WR coach Richard Williamson, who talks about how he stayed energized all those years:

Williamson reflects on era-spanning career
I don't think you can stereotype one certain guy," he said. "You may have the big, tall guy that can run, but that's not necessarily the guy that produces and can do what you need to do. "The thing I enjoyed most out of what I did was the one-on-one with receivers and developing those guys into being good football players. That's a real satisfaction for me. Those other areas, those are different kinds of challenges and setups as to what you want to do and accomplish, but one-on-one is the neatest thing to me."

He also mentions that today's rookie receivers tend to bring more technical know-how into the NFL (Dwayne Jarrett aside). For example, listen to Mardy Gilyard talk technical about his Senior Bowl performance. NFL Draft Q&A: WR Mardy Gilyard
Gilyard: I close the ground on corners fast. I strongly feel that if I can get any corner on their toes before they open their hips, it's over. Coach taught me how to slap that arm down and get over top of those guys, so when I got up on the corner from Kentucky (Trevard Lindley)--I was shocked that, one, he let me get that close to him, and two, I felt like he didn't respect me as a receiver. So when I got up on his toes, he just lollygagged his arm out there and I smacked it down. Then Dan put it in the perfect spot, which was that back-shoulder throw that I was expecting, because me and the guy were even. When that happened, I put the brakes on and focused on catching the ball. Regardless of what the corner was going to do, I really had to get tunnel-vision, so I locked in on the ball and that was it.

I really love watching the Senior Bowl every year because you can bet whoever stars in that game is going to be a good Pro. So yes, that's means Gilyard is a can't miss prospect in my view.

more prints after the jump...

Darin Gantt's Panthers Blog | The Herald - Rock Hill, SC
Nearly every transaction Panthers general manager Marty Hurney makes seems to harken back to his days covering and working for the Washington Redskins. From a preference for quarterbacks who lack pedigree and big-legged offensive linemen, to his proclivity for draft-day trades, the man is nothing if not true to his roots.

I had to clip this one simply for the 'big-legged o-linemen' comment because its true, the skinny legged linemen rarely pan out...Here's some big-legged linemen playing the Super Bowl heaping praise on Julius Peppers and his pending exit from Carolina:

Saints looking forward to Pepper-less Panthers -
"I don't exactly think (it) throws Carolina in the cellar if they do lose him," said Stinchcomb. If Peppers hits the open market as an unrestricted free agent in what's expected to be an uncapped year, Saints running back Reggie Bush said the contract numbers could be staggering. "It's going to be ridiculous," said Bush. "Seeing (defensive tackle) Albert Haynesworth get a $100 million contract (from the Redskins last year), I'm sure he's going to top that."

Don't do us any favors Reggie with your 'staggering' comments. You would think he would have plenty of other things to discuss than Peppers...

I know this has already been posted but  still can't get over how lucky this guy is, even if its just the PS:

Favorite's final home a good one -
His hometown team, the New Orleans Saints, signed him Jan.19 to their practice squad, just five days before playing the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship Game. Now, with the Saints in the Super Bowl to play the Indianapolis Colts, Favorite is along for the ride, wearing jersey No. 63 and partaking in media day interviews by the droves Tuesday. "Definitely, there are a lot of people chatting with me," said Favorite. "Some know my story, some (are) just random. I didn't imagine it would be like this.

Mardy Gilyard Video:

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