Go Panthers! Get Antonio Bryant! GO! DO IT!

A while back I made my 5 points on how to get a undevalued receiver in Nate Burleson. However, the Bucs have just release that they have no plans to resign Antonio Bryant. Why don't we recap my 5 points shall we?

1. Panthers great need for receiver.

The Panthers still have pretty much the same need at receiver as last time I've posted. And not just any receiver: A proven starter. Why not add a player that shredded our defense for over 100 yards in Week 13, and over 200 yards in Week 14 last year! This is a player that the Panthers have played against and a player that has absolutely killed us in the past. We saved over 20 million dollars not pursuing Julius Peppers, now it's time to use it!

2. Underutilized receiver.

Let's be honest, pretty much EVERY receiver was underutilized on the Bucs offense last year. They stink! They're terrible! They made the worst decision in the world to get rid of Garcia and opening the QB competition, but that's what you get when you have a rookie head coach that couldn't coach a girl scout troop, let alone a football team!

3. A receiver in his prime for the cost of a dime

Bryant only managed 600 yards for 4 touchdowns last year, but he's still only 28 and he's not close to dropping off yet. He's a player of great talent with his value at his lowest with people talking about his low stats, his lack of work ethic, and his attitude problem. Do you think we care? His team went 3-13! Of course he has an attitude problem! If Antonio Bryant causes any problems, we'll have Steve Smith pull a rock em, sock em robot interpretation all over his face! Go Panthers! Do it! Pull the trigger and get him NOW!

4.  Not from the big Market

The Bucs suck! They're horrible! This team is so bad, I heard that Roger Goodell is formulating an plan to relocate them, the Raiders, and the Lions back to England where they belong! They are the very anti-thesis of the big market, and that's why we need to go after Antonio Bryant and do it now! Sign him to the Panthers!

5.Antonio Bryant has no off-field troubles.

So he had some drug trouble in the past? Big whoop! He's been clean since 2006, and a DUI every now and then isn't going to transform him into a walking pile of shit! These guys are being hired to play football! Do you hear me? FOOTBALL! If these guys don't kick ass, chew bubble gum, dropkick puppies, and chokehold terrorists, they aren't worthy of being on our team! Antonio Bryant isn't a bad person, he's a TRUE MAN! I wish there were more people in the world like him, reformed ones of course.

Antonio Bryant is a living legend waiting to be made! He has balls of steel! If the Panthers truly want to get a good #2 so they don't have to worry about that position in the draft, this is it. Good teams build their talent in the draft, great teams know how to do free agency as well!

Get the deal done Panthers! Screw the draft, let's get shit done right now!

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