Panthers GM Marty Hurney press conference updates and Peppers Exit thread

I will be updating this thread with all the important information from GM Marty Hurney's 2 pm press conference.

Though there doesn't appear to be an official link to video I will gather the information from the Panthers' Twitter feed, as well as to provide the CSR community with up to the minute updates regarding what Hurney will be discussing this afternoon.

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1:54 pm: Darin Gantt tweets that he was emailed by Carl Carey (Julius Peppers' agent) who says

"We have felt for some time that Julius would have the opportunity to test the free agent market in 2010."


2:01 pm: Confirming suspicions Hurney states the Panthers will not be assigning a franchise tag to Julius Peppers

He called the decision "Very difficult" adding:

"What we have to do is deal with 53, 60-some players in mind to try to be as competitive as you can each year"

clearly referring to the amount of money it would take to retain Peppers. He said the CBA issues were not a factor, and said:

"We had a lot of conversations last year and we got to a point where we each knew where we were"


2:07 pm: After continuing to talk more on Peppers, Hurney essentially says that the decision not to retain Julius was a football move for the future. He said decisions had to be made for

"how you can best put your team together to be as competitive as you can - not only in current year, but future...You never want to lose talented players, but you have to look at the big picture, and we have talented young players, as well"


2:14 pm: Hurney finishes the Julius Peppers talk and begins to talk about Double Trouble. Saying that both their surgeries 'went well' however, he also said it's too early to know if they'll both be ready in time for mini camp.


2:22 pm: Hurney said that Fox's contract status would not be a distraction during the 2010 season.


2:24 pm: Hurney refused to delcare a 2010 starter at QB, but did announce there would be a competition for the starting job.


Press conference ended around 2:30 pm. It was mainly a summary of the 2009 season containing alot of information we already know regarding the production of the team. The above updates represent the main issues discussed by Marty Hurney.

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