The inaugural Cat Scratch Reader Community Mock Draft

If you remember a while back (or if you've seen D-ranged1's signature) as the season was winding down we played with the idea of how the entire CSR community could come together to construct one overarching mock draft designed to represent the community as a whole.

The plan from here was that I would track our selected players and we could see at the end of the season whether we could have done better than the Panthers' front office at selecting players. We all like to play armchair QB (Cyberjag likes to play armchair GM- judging by his excellent recent posts) so this is our opportunity to come together as see how well we can pick them.

Read after the jump for how the first step of the community mock draft will work, as well as how this process with play out.

Step One: The draft 'depth chart'

Jaxon has a sidebar poll for the greatest needs of the Panthers in the 2010 offseason. If you haven't voted now, please do so. This will determine the position we draft in each round. For example, if quarterback received the most votes in that poll it would be assumed the Panthers will take a QB in the 2nd round, and so on.

The combine starts on Wednesday, so I will take the results as of midnight on Tuesday the 23rd as the decision of the community.


Step Two: The Combine

The week of the combine we are all free to write and come up with different ideas for the picks, but for the purposes of clarity and ease I will take the players likely to be available based on where we're drafting. For example, if it's unanimous across the media that Sam Bradford is a top 10 pick I wouldn't put him on a poll of available players for the 4th round pick.


Step Three: The Draft

I know players slide, get taken early etc. so it could throw off our picks at each position. To compensate for this we will work on a preferential system.

For example: The community selects Tony Pike as the QB we will take in the 2nd round. He had 45 more votes than Colt McCoy who came in second. If Pike is taken in the 1st round, and McCoy is still available at the Panthers pick it is assumed that CSR selects Colt McCoy.

The same scenario will be used if the Panthers make a major free agent signing. If the Panthers say, trade for Brandon Marshallit's unlikely they'll be taking a WR.


Step Four: Results

Throughout the season I will track the statistics and performance of the CSR draft picks and we can compare them to the players the Panthers actually select. This is done solely for entertainment, and not as an 'I told you so' to the team or any other CSR users.


So, lets have fun with this and see how a CSR draft would perform. If you have'nt done so already make sure you vote in the sidebar poll to determine the draft order.

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