The "Cameron Newton" bandwagon starts here!!!



I like to consider myself open minded about decision making and when I was asked recently by a non-Panther fan as to who Carolina should draft, I quickly said Andrew Luck.  Why I bought into the hype with what everyone else was saying and what ESPN was putting out about him.  I even went as far as to pull up highlights of Andrew Luck on you tube.  Basically I wanted to see what everyone else was raving about, and I definitely liked what I seen.


I heard about Cam Newton and seen a few highlights and footage of him on TV, but “oh well” I thought… another scrambling quarterback.  Later I went see who would be great insurance (QB prospects) should Jimmy Clausen not get it done for the rest of the year, and two names continued to arise Andrew Luck and Cam Newton.  So on a recent BLOG I listed him down at #2… Wrong!!! I was soooooooooooo wrong, and I’ll be the first to say it.


Studying their measurables, watching footage, and reading stats (dare I say it on this website) but Cam Newton projects head and shoulders above Andrew Luck.  I know that you’re probably boiling over in your seat as you read this, but so was I when I read it.  I was mad because I felt that I was lied to about Andrew Luck.


Viewing game footage on Luck he’s cool as a cucumber out there, but a closer look shows you that his offensive line is a beast… the guy has only been sacked 5 times all season… sounds like Brady years back.  His passer rating how he’s so precise but looking closer you find that he’s been playing against average at best opponents with the exception of Oregon… which he lost that game (oooh I’m sorry… not him but the  defense did).   This guy is a great QB don’t get me wrong but when you view the stats… it will alarm you.


Cameron Newton on the other hand (not saying that he’s better, just saying on the other hand… Geez).  Cam has shown through his tough schedule all year long that he can get it done.  Accounting for 78% of the teams offense with zero fumbles, less interceptions, and overall poise to get it done.  Carolina is at the bottom of the NFL when it comes to offensive stats… this guy would be a tremendous addition.  I have heard people saying that we should have gotten Michael Vick and look at what Vick is doing now, Cameron Newton is the new Vick.  Clausen has fumbled continuously all season.  This guy has carried the football for 1409 yards 20tds with no fumbles… 


I think I said enough read the stats… bring up character issues if you want, and say that stats don’t tell the truth about a player.  People say that when they nothing else to say.  I was all for Luck as well but NOW THAT I KNOW THE TRUTH… I’m starting the CAM Newton BANDWAGON!!!   



ALL Aboard!!!!   Next stop carolina!!!!          

Cameron Newton   (AUBURN)         Team Record 12-0


Passing:               2589yds    28td / 6int   67.1%   188.2 QB rating (1st Overall NCAA)

Rushing:            1409yds   5.8yd avg   20tds (tied for 2nd Overall in the NCAA)

Receiving:          42yds 1td



Only Sacked 21 times;  0 fumbles,    


Arkansas St.                      4-8

#21 Mississippi St              8-4

Clemson                            6-6 

#20 South Carolina            9-4

Louisiana Monroe               5-7

Kentucky                           6-6

#8   Arkansas                    10-2

#11 LSU                           10-2

Mississippi                         4-8

Chattanooga                     Div II

Georgia                             6-6

#16 Alabama                     9-3

#20 South Carolina            9-4

09/14  186  3td         64.3%

11/14  136  2td         57.9%  1int

07/14  203  2td         50.0%  2 int

16/21  158  2td         76.2%

14/19  245  3td         73.7%  1int

13/21  210  0td         61.9%  1int

10/14  140  1td         71.4% 

10/16  186  0td         62.5%

18/24  209  2td         75.0%

15/21  317  4td         71.4%

12/15  148  2td         80.0%  1int

13/20  216  3td         65.0%

17/28  335  4td         60.7%  

14att     171yds     2td

18att      70yds     0td

17att      68yds     0td

25att     176yds     3td

  1att     11yrds     0td

28att     198yds     4td

25att     188yds     3td

28att     217yds     2td

11att      45yds     0td

  8att      24yds     1td

30att     151yds     2td

22att      39yds     1td

14att       73yds     2td

 # 6 Final BCS standing rank teams




Andrew Luck        (STANFORD)     Team Record  11-1


Passing:            3051yds     28td / 7int   70.2%   166.1QB rating 

Rushing:            438yds   8.6yd avg   3tds



Only Sacked 21 times; 0 fumbles


Sacramento St.             Div II 

UCLA                           4-8  

Wake Forrest                3-9

Notre Dame                  7-5

#2 Oregon                   12-0 (L)

USC                              8-5  

Washington St.             2-10

Washington                   6-6

Arizona                         7-5

Arizona St.                    6-6

California                      5-7

Oregon St.                     5-7

17/23  316  4td     73.9%

11/24  151  2td     45.8%

17/23  207  4td     73.9%

19/32  238  1td     59.4%   2int

29/46  341  2td     63.0%   2int

20/24  285  3td     83.3% 

20/28  190  3td     71.4%   1int

19/26  192  1td     73.1%   1int

23/32  299  2td     71.9%

33/41  292  0td     80.5%   1int

16/20  235  2td     80.0%

21/30  305  4td     70.0%

 3att        8yds     0td

 7att      63yds     0td

 3att      69yds     1td

 4att      23yds     0td

  8att     39yrds    1td

  6att     40yds     0td

  4att     11yds     0td

  5att     92yds     1td

 3att      25yds     0td

  3att       3yds     0td

  3att     72yds     0td

  2att      -7yds     0td


# 1 Final BCS standing rank team   (L) Lost that game




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