Panthers Fade in 2nd Half, Lose 31-14 to Seahawks

These Panthers finally got a lead in the first half but still got the same result as 10 other times this season. Leading 14-3 at the half the Panthers (1-11) seemingly had the Seahawks right where they wanted them. In previous losses the Panthers found themselves down early. Instead they were leading 14-0 until this critical event occurred with exactly 2 minutes left in the 1st half:

The Seahawks stopped the game and retired the jersey of former LT Walter Jones!

Yes, they stopped in the middle of the effin game and unveiled his jersey, as if the game wasn't important enough to warrant waiting until the half. WTF was that? What if we were lining up to kick a FG? They are just allowed to start and stop the game as they want? Next week when we play ATL lets wait until they are lining up for a FG and then run a jersey unveiling out there to ice him! Let's retire Davis #42. How about #80 so no one wears it again!

The Seahawks then scored 31 straight points, punctuated by a pick 6 INT in the 3rd quarter. The first 28 minutes were pretty good. The last 32 sucked out load! Thanks Walter Jones, I hope a 1,000 moths infest your jersey hanging in the stadium and it falls in pieces like snowflakes from the chomping moth horde! 

Panther fans I'd really like to give you a complete in-depth run down on this game but it's just not in me right now. I'm pretty sure Clausen took a step backward in the 2nd half after looking competent in the 1st half. The kid needs to learn to move around in the pocket and create some throwing lanes and he would see that LB dropping into the zone.

RB Jonathan Stewart had a nice game with 92 yards and a score on 21 carries. Mike Goodson has a nice first quarter but then disappeared, injured maybe on a KO return. WR Steve Smith was active in the 1st half and also disappeared later.


A defense that looked so good in the 1st half (or pre-WJ jersey ceremony) then looked horrid in the 3rd quarter. CB Captain Munnerlyn led the Panthers with 7 combined tackles and a sweet INT. But for the 2nd straight week a RB hangs three TDs on the Panthers run defense. 

The hustle play of the game goes to P Jason Baker who ran down PR Leon Washington and prevented a TD with a last ditch swipe at Washington's foot and tripped him up. The 'Hawks still scored though. 

CB Charles Godfrey was Dr. Jekyll in the 1st half, Mr. Hyde with the penalties in the 2nd. He had a nice INT after pressure by the DL forced a weak throw.

This is the 2nd straight week the Panthers let a RB score 3 TDs and Marshawn Lynch put up 83 yards and 3 scores. The Panther run defense is worn down in December for the 3rd straight year.

Clausen was 18 for 34 for 169 yards, INT and a 54 rating...ouch. What have you got to say Panther fans?

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