The Clemson Tigers take a big orange poo right in the middle of the Bank of America stadium.

This game guys, I wouldn't watch it again if you pointed a gun at my head and forced me too.

Let me tell you guys one amazing statistic why we need major change at Clemson: First losing season we've had in over a decade. We used to be an elite school that used to compete with the likes of Florida, Miami, and Michigan and now we can't even compete against another SEC team. I'll admit to you guys, I was one of the greatest supporters of Dabo Swinney when Clemson University decided to promote him from Intern Head Coach to Head Coach. He coached our team to an amazing end of the year by making sure the best players were in the game at the right situations, and he called the right plays that needed to be call. He rode the back of CJ Spiller and instilled confidence in this team, and that is why we won the majority of our games.

This year? Completely different story. In spite of having a wonderful heir for CJ Spiller sitting right in front of him in Andre Ellington, he flat refuses to use him. He'll watch Andre Ellington break out a large run for 20-30 yards, and then he'll immediately send Jamie Harper out there to instantly fall on his face and kill whatever drive we started up. It drives me nuts. I have seen safeties literally watch the substitution, and instantly they drop deeper in the backfield to defend against the pass the instant Jamie Harper comes onto the field and our passing game goes NOWHERE!

College football is so much easier than coaching NFL Football. There's a lot of strategy for sure, but half the battle is making sure that the best players are out on the field starting and making sure they do their best. We haven't done that, and Carolina hasn't done that. All you have to do to see the results is look at a record. Dabo Swinney, you have made this team into the joke of the ACC. Last year should have been our championship, and we got EMBARRESSED by Georgia Tech because you can't coach this team worth a damn to defend the triple option. They didn't even know who had the ball. They were tackling EVERYONE!

Look at who we're losing this year. Kyle Parker? Gone. He's heading to a baseball career. DaQuan Bowers? See you later! Hope you have a good career in the NFL. Two great playmakers right there, the cornerstone of this grand team. And you couldn't get them a winning season? Shameful. How the hell do you expect to make great players like DaQuan Bowers want to stay in college if you can't win football games?

And losing against South Florida today? Really? Losing against a team I had never heard before in the Bank of America Stadium, the beating heart of the Southeast? And you spit in our faces with the performance you did today. Waiting till the 4th quarter in the final 5 minutes to finally get energized and score two touchdowns. Really? It took you that long to motivate your team dear coach?

Get the hell out of here.

Clemson Management, this is what you get when you decide to go the cheap route and not get a head coach. You get losing seasons, mediocre play, and talented yet unmotivated players that don't know what the hell they're doing. I hope you have learned your lesson.

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