The Winner of the 2010 CSR1 FFL League is...Cyberjag!

Yes, Cyberjag and his team of Compensators didn't need any compensating against Tater and his Smoldering Tater Tots. He out-dueled him 80-75 in a championship game that had to wait until the first Tuesday night game in decades was complete.Yet Tater could not 'mustard' a come back, even with ketchup!

Congratulations to Cyberjag and his victory! I will post his CSR1 title in the left sidebar for all to see for the coming year.

In the consolation game it was the Cardiac Cats (Jaxon) defeating Urine Trouble (Little King) 106-74. So essentially if Aaron Rodgers had not missed a game due to concussion I would have won! (That's my story and I'm sticking to it) The FFL Gods hate me! Once again I enter the playoffs as the #1 seed and go down in flames...Drat!

Cyberjag ended the finals 10-6 with 1628 total points so we'll have to see how many points the winner of the CSR2 league winner finished with to crown the overall champion.

It was a lot of fun so thanks to all for participating. I hope you enjoyed the CBS Sports FFL application. We'll be discussing that more after the end of the regular season.

You can see the final game box score after the jump... is an SB Nation partner and paying sponsor of the SB Nation football communities.This post is one of a series of sponsor endorsed posts relating to the Fantasy Football Commissioner League.

Here's the box score: Tots vs Compensators

Actives Stats Total
M. Ryan QB 148 PaYd, PaTD (7), 26 RuYd, 26 RuReYd 13
T. Jones RB 51 RuYd, FL, 51 RuReYd 3
L. McCoy RB 44 RuYd, 41 ReYd, 85 RuReYd 8
C. Johnson WR 52 ReYd, 52 RuReYd 5
H. Nicks WR 93 ReYd, ReTD (36), 93 RuReYd 15
R. White WR 43 ReYd, ReTD (7), 43 RuReYd 10
K. Boss TE   0
N. Kaeding K 2 FG (20,28), 2 XP 8
Buccaneers DST 15 PA, 174 YDS, 3 SACK 13
Total 148 PaYd, PaTD (7), 121 RuYd, 229 ReYd, 2 ReTD (36,7), FL, 2 FG (20,28), 2 XP, 350 RuReYd
15 PA, 174 YDS, 3 SACK
Reserves Stats Total
R. Fitzpatrick QB 251 PaYd, 3 PaInt, 14 RuYd, 2 FL, 14 RuReYd 1
J. Kitna QB 115 PaYd, PaTD (2), 2 PaInt, 7 RuYd, 7 RuReYd 6
M. Jones-Drew RB   0
J. Stewart RB 71 RuYd, 9 ReYd, 80 RuReYd 8
S. Johnson WR 58 ReYd, 58 RuReYd 5
J. Maclin WR 74 ReYd, 74 RuReYd 7
Total 366 PaYd, PaTD (2), 5 PaInt, 92 RuYd, 141 ReYd, 2 FL, 233 RuReYd 27
Actives Stats Total
P. Rivers QB 256 PaYd, PaTD (5), PaInt, 2 RuYd, 2 RuReYd 14
R. Jennings RB 32 RuYd, 29 ReYd, 61 RuReYd 6
C. Johnson RB 58 RuYd, 58 RuReYd 5
D. Jackson WR 32 ReYd, 32 RuReYd 3
V. Jackson WR 54 ReYd, 54 RuReYd 5
M. Williams WR 44 ReYd, 2 ReTD (20,7), 44 RuReYd 16
J. Tamme TE 78 ReYd, ReTD (18), 78 RuReYd 13
D. Buehler K 2 FG (42,53), 2 XP, MXP 8
Jets DST 38 PA, 322 YDS, DTD (20), Int, 2 SACK 10
Total 256 PaYd, PaTD (5), PaInt, 92 RuYd, 237 ReYd, 3 ReTD (18,20,7), 2 FG (42,53), 2 XP, MXP, 329 RuReYd
38 PA, 322 YDS, DTD (20), Int, 2 SACK
Reserves Stats Total
L. Blount RB 164 RuYd, 3 ReYd, 167 RuReYd 16
R. Brown RB 37 RuYd, RuTD (1), 34 ReYd, 71 RuReYd 13
B. Jacobs RB 47 RuYd, FL, 47 RuReYd 2
K. Britt WR 89 ReYd, ReTD (53), 89 RuReYd 16
H. Ward WR 38 ReYd, 38 RuReYd 3
Dolphins DST 34 PA, 275 YDS, 2 SACK 4
Total 248 RuYd, RuTD (1), 164 ReYd, ReTD (53), FL, 412 RuReYd
34 PA, 275 YDS, 2 SACK


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