So, how do our community draft picks compare?

Remember that community draft we did last year? Well, with the current season almost at end and, I'm sure, the majority of CSR members preparing their mock drafts and warguments (Ok, I made that word up and it's corny, sue me) for this years draft, I figured it a decent time to take a quick look at how we did versus the Panthers organization. So what do you say, do we dare compare? Lets start with a quick run down of each draft... We'll set things off with the Panthers real draft.

NOTE: If you'll notice, the Panthers ended up with more draft picks than we. To compensate for this, I'll be comparing the top players of each round to our selections, assuming if the Panthers didn't have the pick (like us), they would have stuck with their original choice and simply not drafted the other players.

Panthers Draft

CSR Draft

So, lets get a little deeper into it... I'll stick to statistics then we can get biased in the comments. Ha!

Round 2: QB Jimmy Clausen vs WR Golden Tate

Panthers: Jimmy Clausen
136/266 - 51.9% - 1,376 YDS - 2 TD - 8 INT - 8/2 FUM/LOST - 56.8 QB Rating
CSR: Golden Tate
20 REC - 224 YDS -  11.2 AVG - 0 TD - 1/0 FUM/LOST

This is definitely a close call. While the future is up in the air, based on statistics alone, it looks like Carolina may have came out on top with Jimmy. Tate just hasn't been much of a factor for the Seahawks in his rookie season.

Round 3: WR Brandon LaFell vs DE Greg Hardy

Panthers: Brandon LaFell
34 REC - 405 YDS - 11.9 AVG - 1 TD - 0/0 FUM/LOST
CSR: Greg Hardy
26 TACKLES - 3 SCK - 1 SFTY - 2 FF

Look at that! Two now-Panther players head-to-head!  This would be a tough call as well but the Panthers have to get the go-ahead for waiting until the 6th round to draft to pick up Hardy while also grabbing LaFell in his place.

Round 4: OLB/DE Eric Norwood vs DT Jeff Owens

Panthers: Eric Norwood
CSR: Jeff Owens

Umm... Well then. I guess we have to give this one to Carolina considering Owens has yet to see the field. I mean, 11 tackles are better than nothing at all, right? Maybe we should call it a wash and move on.

Round 6: DE Greg Hardy vs QB Zac Robinson

Panthers: Greg Hardy
26 TACKLES - 3 SCK - 1 SFTY - 2 FF
CSR: Zac Robinson

I think this one is pretty obvious. While Greg Hardy has made opposing teams take notice, Zac Robinson has drifted from the Seahawks to the Lions and has yet to find himself any actual game day snaps.

Round 6: WR David Gettis vs WR Brandon James

Panthers: David Gettis
33 REC - 475 YDS - 14.4 AVG - 3 TD - 0/0 FUM/LOST
CSR: Brandon James
6 REC - 40 YDS - 6.7 AVG - 0 TD - 0/0 FUM/LOST

Ouch. Carolina does it again, this time with a crushing blow to claim victory.

Round 6: QB Tony Pike vs OG Brandon Carter

Panthers: Tony Pike
6/12 - 50% - 47 YDS - 0 TD - 0 INT - 0/0 FUM/LOST - 60.1 QB Rating
CSR: Brandon Carter

Oh man. I really thought we had Carolina beat with this one and then I find out Brandon Carter hasn't seen any in-game action. Really, this is another I'd like to call a wash but I've got to give it to Carolina since Tony Pike has actually been in a game and all.

Round 7: CB RJ Stanford vs CB Syd'Quan Thompson

Panthers: RJ Stanford
CSR: Syd'Quan Thompson

Rejoice, Cat Scratchers! We did it! We out-drafted the Panthers in the 7th round! While RJ Stanford has yet to see any action our own pick, Syd'Quan Thompson has actually played in a real game! Score one CSR!

Note: I was prepared to give this one to CSR anyways just because we drafted a guy named Syd'Quan. By the way, props to his mother.

Round 7: CB Robert McClain vs LB Kyle Bosworth

Panthers: Robert McClain
CSR: Kyle Bosworth

Well, Carolina gets the last laugh here. While McClain doesn't have a whole lot to support their victory, Bosworth is yet another player that hasn't seen the field all year. By default, Carolina wins again.

So what's the score here? 7-1 Carolina? Hey! These guys do this for a living, meanwhile we're a bunch of arm-chair GM's & scouts, I'd be patting myself on the back just for the 1. I guess that sets the goal for next year at 2. So, did I mess up any judgements? How would you guys rate the comparisons? Also, what do you think of our 2010 community draft now that the season is almost over?

Finally, I'd like to finish this off by once again giving a special thanks to the CSR staff and those that made the CSR Community Draft possible. Such was not an easy task but they made it happen anyways. Job well done, guys!

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