Why the panthers will be better off if Luck stays in school

First of all if Luck comes out we have to take Luck because he has a chance to be elite and has a better chance than our qbs do at succeeding in this league. But I think in the short and long run it would be better for the Panthers iif he stays an other year in college. I think it is also most likely that he will stay in school so we as fans and as an organization for be prepared for both situations.

1. Jimmy Clausen: He is our second rounder and has struggled in his rookie year as a quarterback. Most nfl rookie qbs do,we have just seen the a rare couple years where Flacco, Ryan, and Bradford have all been successful, making us overly critical of him.  We invested in him with idea of having him learn from Moore for a season, instead Moore play horrible and Jimmy struggled. If Luck doesn't come out, we will stick with Jimmy for one more season. If he has similair struggles we will be in position to take Luck agian.  But what if he succeed, he learns to pick apart nfl defenses? We will never know if he can if Luck comes out this years and we draft him becuase that will crush Clausen like it crushed Beck in Maimi.

2. The offensive line.has played horrible this year, giving up 42 plus sacks. We will invest in the offensive line during the draft. But who fancy your number one pick running for his life with an line composed of aging gross, hurting otah, Bernadue, Schwartz, and whatever rookie we draft in the third or fourth round. If we are in the position to take Luck next year we will know more about Otah and Gross, have a rookie og gain experince, and be in position to inveest a second rounder innto our o line.

3. Wide Recievers: The panthers invested three draft picks in WR, that turned into -10 rushing, 875 receiving, and 4 td (14 games in). WR don't tend to show great improvement into their third year and again if we are in position to draft Luck again next year the time will be perfect.

4. Trading Back: The panthers would receive more for trading  back from number one if Luck comes out but we will take him if he does, so we do lose value here If he doesn't come out. But  we are much more likely to trade back in this senerio too. If we trade back, it save us from the huge bucks it cost to draft a player number one, it gives us more draft picks so we can better invest into our problem area (like drafting two dts, or two o linemen, or a cb to replace marshall if we dont resign him) and we would most likely earn a first rounder in next years draft, giving us two first round players in 2012 or a chance to trade up for Luck if we feel clausen didn't preform.

5. Our others draft needs: I addressed our draft needs a little in the other sections but I go into more detail here. We invested 2 draft pick into qbs in the 2010 draft. If Luck comes out that will be three in the last two years, after  taking 4 in the past 14 years. We have pressing needs at dt, offensive line, possible cb and de. We are in rebuilding mode were it takes many draft pick to rise back up. 

6. Randy Fasani, Colin Branch, and Casey Moore: A fifth rounder that the carolina panthers drafted in 2002. He played in four games, going 15-44, 171 yards, 0 TDs and 4 INTs, while rushing for 95 yards. He was only a round for one season for the panthers and only stuck to the nfl for two more season after we let him go. Colin Branch a fourth round choice from 2003, he play for 5 years getting only 84 tackles and 4 picks. Casey Moore, a seventh ronder in 2003, broke both his hands in train camp and never played for us, accumalating no stats. Guess what school they played for? Stanford, the same as Luck! It might be a curse but lets give it an other year before we draft Luck.

7. Luck: He may look like a can't miss number one draft pick and one more year of college can only show us more on. With an other year of film on him we will know if he is truely worth a number one draft pick or if that scout were premature in declaring him one. It also gives him a year to mature before we throw 55 plus million dollars on him.

8. nfl bargaining agreement: In another years this will be all wrapped up and Mr. Richarson can focus more on the panthers and spend some more money.

9. Matt Barkely and Kellen Moore and Unkown: There are always other qbs that might raise up and become this years Luck. Coming into the season all the qb hurrah was about Jake Locker but he fells out of the number one spot and most likely the top five. Someone known name might rise up like the kid from Florida Joe Brantley or Kirk Cousins of Michigan State.

10. Tony Pike: Here at the bottom is Tony Pike, becuase we will definetly never see a return on this investment if Luck enters the draft.

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