A Mock draft for the panthers

Yall probably getting tired of my ideas and thoughts but I'm bed ridden cause of recent case of Surgery! So here is one some of my draft scenarios.

1st rounder
3rd rounder
4th rounder
5th rounder 6th7th rounder

The traded away picks are:

2nd rounder- traded to New England (2010 draft day trade; Panthers drafted Armanti Edwards)
6th/7th rounder- traded to Packers (JJ Jansen)

Possible compensatory picks to be awarded

3rd rounder- for Julius Peppers

Possible FA

Charles Johnson, Ryan Kali, Dante Rosario, Jeff King, Matt Moore, DeAngelo Williams, Thomas Davis, Jamar Williams, James Anderson, Ed Johnson, Nick Hayden, Richard Marshall, and CJ Wilson

Scenario 1: Jim Harbaugh is HC, Luck comes out, We have number overall. We resign Johnson, Kali, Anderson, King. We let Williams, Rosario, Davis, Ed Johnson, Hayden, Marshall, and Wilson walk. No trades During the draft.

1st rounder Andrew Luck: QB of the future. Coaches Say it is an open competition between Clausen, Pike, and Luck, Luck has the skill to come out on top but will offensive line keep him from getting hurt

3rd rounder Ben Ijalana, G, Villanova, 6-4/320 An athletic player who projects as an guard in the nfl, Predicted to be a 2 to 4 rounder. Will help solidly the line as the number one goal is to protect our investment Luck. Has added worth because he could play ot in a pinch, insurance for Otah health.

3rd rounder Sione Fua, DT, Stanford  With other dts on board Harbaugh agrues for Fua over UNC's Marvin Austin because while Fua might seem to have a lower ceiling, he is just as big at 6-2 306 and comes along with a much better reputation.

4th rounder  Phil Taylor, NT, Baylor Panthers take a risk by jumping on board the 355 pound man from Baylor hoping he won't show at 380 but create a new tandem a and clog the middle with back to back picks on dt.

5th rounder Clint Boling, G, Georgia The 6-5 guard, who can fill in at ot from time to time, is added to bolster the o line. He fits with the panthers desire to have flexible o linemen who can play multiple but he has more talent than swing gate Bernadeau and sack master Schwartz.. He needs to add weight at 306, but has the frame to fill in.

6th Zach Pianalto, TE, North Carolina He falls in the draft from a possible third to the sixth rounder because of injures concerns but the panthers take risk in order to give Luck a weapon from the TE spot.

7th rounder DeMarcus Van Dyke, CB, Miami  Following Carolina tradition, they draft a CB in the seventh rounder but they find a steal in Dyke. He adds much need height at 6-1 with the departure of Marshall and with the panthers returning CB standing at 6-1(Gamble) 5-8 5-9 5-9.

Well, that wraps up my first attempt at a mock draft. looking at the draft I think I would be happy with the results if this was a real draft. We came out with two decent dts, possible starters at og, future qb. I didn't draft a rb or resign williams because i think they a wary of signing a 27 years old rb when you can find some many quality rbs that go undrafted. I did have to fight the temptation of being a homer and taking to many unc players, though i do think the panthers would be wise to scoop up any that fall into later rounders because of the ncaa. Look forward to any comments whether it is about how poor of a draft class would be or if you agree or if i reached on a player or took a player in the latter rounders that would never be there!

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