One Fan's New Panthers Coach Interview List

Editor's Note: Hat tip to Yeats for producing the coaching list with content for each candidate. It's a topic we are sure to revisit many times before a coach is hired. ~ Jaxon

This is just me thinking aloud, would appreciate more ideas and comments.


Out of Coaching

Bill Cowher: I only mention Cowher because his is the wish list for many fan but I personally don't think this would happen. He won't cause a big change in philosophy but comes with a high price tage and a desire for power and control than Richardson gives to his HC

Jon Gruden: See above


Leslie Frazier: If the intern head coach doesn't survive his stint as a HC for the Viking he will be looked at by others teams because his reputation as a defensive genius.  His team have had a knack for  creating turnovers and do show improvement in total defense. But in the end had doesn't offer the Offensive creativity that the panthers need.


Josh McDaniels: I cringe when seeing McDaniels as our head coach because off the joy and confusion he has cause me with the destruction of the Broncos. He traded No. 43, No. 70 and No. 114 ( Sergio Kindle, Ed Dickson, Dennis Pitta) for the 25th (Tim) and ran out his best players (Marshall and Cutler) and release his second round pick and drafted Demaryius Thomas before Dez Bryant and had video tape scandal. He would certainly would make the panthers interesting and might lets us fully commit to a youth movement (by trading Smith and Williams) lol. Though I hate him as a HC, I wouldn't be against giving him a second chance as a OC because he is gifted offensive mind. Who else could make Orton lead the league for weeks in passing?

Marty  Mornhinweg: He is the OC in Philadephia and has been brilliant. He had an unsuccessful stint as HC for the lions in 2001, but then again, who doesn't? I'm concerned that his philosophy in philly is too different than what is available in carolina, thus making him a difficult transition. However, he would be good for our young receivers, goodson, qb, and our o line. He would be much more creative in  the screen game, passing, and won't be limited by poor o line play (philly gives up lots of sacks but still is very explosive).  His offense does struggle in the red zone but he never had a power back like stewart.

Mike McCoy: The oc in denver, we could get some of McDaniels offensive genius without his baggage and crazy actions. He was the Offensive assistant, qb, and wr coach for the panthers starting in 2000. I think this would be one of the more classy choices for head coach because he started here and should come back. He taught Steve Smith and Jake. He brings familiarity, youth, and creativity. I think he is a dark horse in the race for HC.

Jason Garrett: I've liked what I've seen from Garrett's team and with the cowboys most likely going to jump on a big name coach, he should be an option.

Cam Cameron: Was a HC In Miami where he went 1-15 and is the OC in Baltimore. The offensive philosophy in Baltimore is similar to the current philosophy in carolina and he has had success as an oc. But his record as a college coach is 18-37 is not promising. He just isn'y a winners as a HC and I think the panthers need to get someone who is new to the position or a proven winner, not a proven loser.

Mike Mularkey: The current OC in Atlanta and was a HC for the bills for two years where he went 9-7, 5-11. He was know for his gadget player when he was OC for pittsburg, where he used Randle El (Armanni Edwards anybody) very succesfully. He wants his teams to be physical and run the ball. Once of his criticism when he was a HC was that his offense is too predictable, which is a concern because jeff davidson is the probably most predictable man in the league. Also he is in the same division, so it would be an add plus for the Panthers when playing the Falcons.


Jim Harbaugh: Is a winner (57-27), played for the panthers for a year (QB), and has a great offensive mind. He would be good for our QBs evenif we stick with Clausen (Harbaugh and Luck to the panthers?). I think he would be a great add as a coach, but he is high risk high reward.

ON Staff:

If we stay in house Ron Meeks or Jim Skipper are our options, Ron Meeks has preformed well with our defense, making them scrappy and Skipper has been successful with williams, stewart, and goodson. But I hope we look elsewhere but is for keeping these two at their cuurent positions.

I would love to see Harbaugh, McCoy, Mornhinweg, and Mularkey as HC or OC in Carolina next year.

Anyone have an other coach that they would like to see coach the panthers?

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