Lets Talk Draft

So I was commenting on another fanpost and it got me going so I figured I'd make a FP for the draft.  So, lets talk prospects people!

#1:  We have to take Andrew Luck if he comes out. However, if he doesn’t, or if we are picking 2-5, We really need to get an impact defender IMO. As much as I like the DEs in this draft like Bowers and Quinn (UNC BABY!), we really need to sure up the DT position, it is the most glaring weakness on our line. I’d like us to take a look at Fairley or one of the corner backs coming out. If Luck comes out it might be the best year to have the #1 pick, however if he doesn’t, this might be the worst time to have the #1 pick ever because there isn’t a blow-me-away position player worth the #1 pick IMO.

Outside the 1st round, it sucks we don’t have a 2nd rounder this year, but hey, that’s life.

For the third round, I’d love to see us take Marvin Austin to beef up our awful DTs. This guy is a stud and a game-changer. His attitude could use some help, but he is too talented to pass up in the 3rd round. I think he will be a star in the NFL. He has a great combination of size and quickness for a big man. He holds up well against the run and has great pass rushing skills for a DT.

Past the 3rd round I feel like mocks are pretty worthless because at this point, boards are so screwed up its almost impossible to guess who is left over, so I won’t try to hard.

In no particular order:

WRs: Greg Little (Good size and speed and strong hands)
TEs: DJ Williams
FS/CB: Marcus Gilchrist
SS: Da’Norris Searcy
CB: Ras-I Dowling
CB: Kendric Burney

AS far as offensive linemen go, I don’t really pay attention to OLine prospects, so IDK…but we definitely need to address the OLine through the draft or FA.

In the 6th/7th rounds, a QB I think we should take a look at is TJ Yates. I know I go to UNC so I’m biased. But he has carried UNC this year and has shown great accuracy and decision making. He has really grown up this year. He has solid size and pretty good arm strength. By no means do I think he is an NFL starter, atleast not now, but I’m telling you, he could be pretty good. The kid is smart, he learned from his awful junior year and he is a leader on the field. He came out of the prostyle offense offense at UNC and has a VERY deceptive play action fake that has actually fooled me a few times watching the games. He also has a quick release. Earlier in his career he would lock onto receivers but he has really done a great job getting away from that. He throws a tremendous deep ball. He sometimes struggles with his pocket presence but he will step up in the pocket to let the pressure go by him, which is something Jimmy Clausen still needs to learn.  Great guy, I hope we look at him in the 6th or 7th.


So, comment it up.  Tell me who you think we should look at and find some hope for the future!!

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