Since I feel I've been right in the past..

And also wrong about some things, I have no doubt in my mind this should be the direction in which this team heads in the next year.. More after the jump..


As far as coaching goes, relieve Fox and Davidson of their coaching duties, and let's go ahead an begin our search for our new Coach and coordinator..

As far as player personnel, let's go ahead and admit that Jimmy is not OUR guy, after watching closely some routes and drop-backs from last game, he doesn't have the confidence or awareness to make even the simple throws, i.e. the receiver was running like a 10-yd curl route and was wide-open, the ball should have left his hands as soon as he hit his 3rd step and he hesitated, much like he's done all year, and then the opportunity was gone, there's a reason this guy fell to us in the middle of the 2nd round, and now, unfortunately we know why.

We need to re-sign DeAngelo, Khalil, Beason, J. Anderson, and T. Davis... Let Richard Marshall walk, get rid of Barnidge and King at TE.

So our big needs would be HC, QB, OC, RG, CB, DT, TE, WR heading into the offseason and draft..

By the way we have to find a way to get back into the 2nd round! WITHOUT GIVING UP OUR 2012 1st or 2nd Round picks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As far as head coaching search goes, let's hope and pray we can land Jim Harbaugh, and secondly, with the 1st overall pick in the draft, select Andrew Luck, that is Harbaugh believes he is the real deal, he'd be the best person to make this choice on this pick..  Those two additions I believe would be two huge HomeRuns for this franchise

As for tight end, either try to land the top TE in the draft, Kyle Rudolph from Notre Dame, or acquire one via free agency, Zach Miller, Owen Daniels...

OG--Go after John Moffit from Wisconsin, he's huuuge, be great get in the 2nd-3rd round, and if we can't land him, can we depend on Duke Robinson showing up in shape next season?? I dont know..

DT -  Go after Free Agents Cullen Jenkins, Brandon Mebane, or Jay Alford

CB - If we can't get A. Luck, we take Pat Pete or trade down.. That said, if we can't get a Peterson or Prince-type cornerback prospect, go after a free agent, and a Eric Wright, Carlos Rogers, or a Lito Sheppard would be very serviceable..

WR - Draft AJ Green if we cant get A. Luck, and we decide we dont want Pat Pete, and if we can't get Green, we either stick with what we have, and we wait for that Blackmon kid from OK State in the 2012 Draft..


Soo thats just my opinion, not too detailed, but I hope pretty accurate, or at least give us a mindset of what we want, need, and can acquire.. Also I wasn't sure who all was up for new contracts on our team I just threw those few names out there as priorities... 

Hopefully whatever coach we get, although I love Meeks and panned for him forever to be our DC, I hope we can switch to a 3-4 and that way we can have James Anderson, Jon Beason, Dan Conner, and Thomas Davis all on the field at the same time..  Just wishful thinking...


Have a  great day Panthers fans...

Any job openings up there in Charlotte for a recent college grad with 2-3 years experience in customer service haha, Help me get out of Shreveport, LA haha


Matt Watson

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