Carolina Panthers Monday Morning Optimist- 11/8/10

This shot pretty much sums up the day. (Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Good morning Panther faithful. This morning I sit writing the MMO much as I usually do after a terrible loss- headphones securely fastened to my head being lulled into submission by the dulcet tones of sexual innuendo courtesy of The Bloodhound Gang; I don't know why... but it just seems to help on mornings like this.

But... I digress. What an ugly steaming load that game was eh? If you never saw the game, or never saw a box score and I told you that you would take the already terrible Carolina Panthers offense, injure two running backs, have a carousel of QBs using three and Steve Smith caught 1 pass for 9 yards then how would you think the game went? You might answer something akin to 'massacre' and you would be right. In the 34-3 drubbing the Panthers mustered only 68 passing yards after sacks... yes it was that bad.

What's worse is that the disconnect I talked about last week with the Panthers not realizing the personnel they have is far worse than imagined. There is now a clear disconnect between what the coaching staff wants and what the organization wants. I say this because even when you're in 'Let's win now mode' like the 2010 coaching staff are then benching Jimmy Clausen for your emergency third string QB is not a move that is conducive to development... it's a move that equates to flipping the bird to the GM and owner; it's a move that says you don't care what is best for the team you care about proving a point back for this losing schedule. It's the same thinking that's keeping Armanti Edwards in street clothes each week.

Want more proof that Fox has given up? He's being sarcastic and esoteric for the first time; when asked if Moore would start if healthy: 

"unless we go to the wishbone offense"

Yep.. that sure sounds like a guy taking his job seriously. Let's break down the rest of the monstrosity after the jump...

Because there's really not that much good to talk about from Sunday's game let's play a game called:

 "Choose your own adventure- Panthers quarterbacks"

C'mon... it'll be fun. Basically choose the option that fits your opinion best and follow the numbered answer to get your result.


- Matt Moore was the best QB on Sunday. Much better than Clausen and Pike (Read option 1)

- Jimmy Clausen was the best QB on Sunday. Much better than Moore and Pike (Read option 1)

- Tony Pike was the best QB on Sunday. Much better than Moore and Clausen (Read option 2)

- All of the QBs were crap. We're doomed... (Read option 3)

- All the QBs were fine. The problem is just execution (Read option 4)


Option 1: You're kidding yourself

Option 2: You're getting closer... but you don't have very high standards

Option 3: C'mon... it could be worse. We could be dead!

Option 4: I didn't know you read CSR Coach Fox!


See... wasn't that fun? Really though this illuminates the problems with the Carolina Panthers. People are still willing to blame the QB solely for a loss. When Moore struggles, then Clausen struggles, then Pike struggles (yet we're excited because he completed 50% and didn't turn it over) it shows that no QB with the rest of this offense can succeed. I saw lots of cries of "Clausen is never going to be any good" but really, can we fairly evaluate any player with the rest of this offense around them? Lest we forget 2006.... I remember fondly people saying DeAngelo Williams was never going to amount to anything after having early struggles; same people have his jersey hanging in their closet now.

Point is, unless you think the Panthers are done as a franchise based on 2010 then how can you say a single player is done based on 2010? 

Anyways, let's try and pull something out of this game shall we?




Jason Baker- Extremely Optimistic: Baker boomed it all day. 47 yard punt average with a long of 52. Baker had  great day punting.


James Anderson- Extremely Optimistic: Added another 9 tackles and played hard all game.


Jonathan Stewart (pre-injury)- Extremely Optimistic: Played really well until he was knocked out.


Jordan Pugh- Extremely Optimistic: Great day returning the ball averaging 28 per return.


Tyrell Sutton- Somewhat Optimistic: Nice 32 yard carry, but followed with 6 carries for 9 yards.


Tony Pike- Somewhat Optimistic: Performed well at the end of the game in a bad situation. But still, let's temper too much enthusiasm. He was still 6/12 for 47 yards and a rating of 60.1.


Jordan Senn- Hilariously Optimstic: I had to give a shout out for the fake punt, and the ensuing effort to get the 1st down.



We're doing this roll call style because I can't bear to write more about the ugliness on Sunday


Extremely: Matt Moore, Jimmy Clausen, Steve Smith, Gary Barnidge, Richard Marshall, Charles Godfrey

Somewhat: Captain Munnerlyn, Everette Brown, Mike Goodson, John Kasay


Overall Outlook

What do you expect will happen next week to with the Bucs? Is next week going to be the time the 1-7 Panthers put it all together? Unlikely. 

I would like to see the Panthers use this time to get the young guys prepared; but that's as unlikely as the team putting it all together. Can we play San Francisco every week?


15% Optimistic about the Panthers

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