Panthers Offense Vs Saints Defense: Week 9

This week the Panthers go up against the New Orleans Saints, the reigning Super Bowl Champions. The Panthers currently lead the series 16-12, but all of the experts are predicting that the lead will soon be shortened after tomorrow’s upcoming game. But at Cat Scratch Reader we like to be optimists. We like to hope for the best, and last I checked, neither one of the teams have gotten on the field yet. No matter how bad we get, no matter how tainted our record may be, the final score to a football game can never be decided until 60 minutes of game time passes by on Sunday afternoon. And with a team with as much hidden talent like the Panthers, you don’t know when they’re going to break out and cause a ruckus.

But we can’t win the game unless we can generate any offense, so let’s have the Week 8 matchups with the Panthers Offense vs Saints Defense

Panthers Offensive Line vs Saints Defensive Line/Blitzes

In Week 7 against the 49ers, it looks like the Panthers O-Line had it all figured out. Matt Moore was getting plenty of time to throw, and he threw for over 300 yards and two touchdowns while our running game was ineffective, netting us our first win. In Week 8 however, the Panthers returned to their old ways and opened up the flood gates. They only got 3 sacks on him, but Matt was running around like a chicken with his head cut off the whole game.  Two opposite extremes, two different games. What side of the extreme will the Panthers land on this time? Will they get enough push to get ANYTHING done on offense?

Panthers Rushing Attack vs Saints Defense

For the second week in a row, DeAngelo Williams is sitting it out on the sidelines. Jonathan Stewart ran for a whopping 30 yards against the Rams, an effect created because the only running play in Jeff Davidson’s mind is the good ol RB Dive right up the middle. It’s sad really. Only last year did Double Trouble become the first pair of backs in NFL History to run for 1,100 yards or more between the both of them. This year they aren’t going to get half that. However, the Saints weakness is defending the run. They rank 18th in defending it, while they rank 3rd in the league against the pass.  For one game, Jonathan Stewart needs to be good if we’re going to win.

I’m tempted to go on here. I’m tempted to talk about our wideouts, our tight ends, and our fullback. But really, what’s the point? We aren’t going to do anything else until our offensive line starts getting their assignments correct. It’s truly going to be the key to this game. If an O-Line cannot hold up against the rush, unless you have Peyton Manning or Tom Brady as your QB, you are not going to do crap on the field.

It’s common sense. So before we start talking about anything else, let’s get that done first. Until then, here’s a YouTube video of one of my childhood heroes.

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