Just a couple plays away from victory the last time out, we might not be so close this time around.

I can't help but to imagine how the last game against the Saints would have gone. The Saints are not who they think they were and needless to say neither were we. If we lost to the Saints even though they played so poorly, I'm concerned about playing them on an average day.

We didn't move the ball down the field much during the game. Our two touchdowns came from a long 39-yard run by DeAngelo Williams and a 55-yard pass to Jonathan Stewart on a broken play by the saints. It was one of the better performances by Jonathan Stewart in his abysmal season thus far.

This game could have easily been a blow out considering how easily the Saints were moving the ball on us. James Anderson pretty much single handedly kept us alive with his heroics. Two fumbles recovered in Panthers territory and one was in the end zone which gave us the ball at the Car-20. I think it would be hard for him to have a repeat performance of that caliber. I think we have what it takes to contain Drew Brees and the passing attack of New Orleans if we can slow down their running game a tad bit. The Saints do not have a great ground game, but it doesn't really take a top 5 running game to punish us on the ground.

The panthers currently have the #5 pass defense in the league, and while I really like to be optimistic about how well our secondary has been playing. I can't help but to think that that stat might have been skewed by the fact that other teams have been more than capable of running the ball on us. When the opposing team is running the ball on us like they have been, could it because of that our defense don't see as many passing plays? or is it the 51 yards the bears threw against us padding our stats.


Just for fun, here's what was going on in my mind during the last few moments of the game.

1st -10 at the NO 38

Alright so we narrowly escaped a turnover on downs with a tremendous 16-yard connection from Jimmy Clausen to David Gettis. I think if we can just get 5 more yards with the next 3 plays then we can be within John Kasay's field goal range. I think they're expecting run here, let's throw a quick slant to catch them off guard. nahh...we'll probably run on 1st down like we always do.

            Williams rushes to the right for 2 yards.


2nd-8 at the NO 36


Okay, okay, we're almost there, just a few more yards and we can give John Kasay a chance to win the game for us. Let's try to center the ball in the field so we can make it easier for the kicker. Please, just please don't turn the ball over or lose yards!

            Williams rushes to the left for a 4 yard loss.


3rd-12 at the NO 40


SH#@$ FU#$(@#*$    we're even further back than where we started two plays ago. Now can we at least gain a couple more yards back and center the football on the field so we can make it plausible to win the game.

          Clausen sacked for a 4 yard loss.

4th-16 at the NO 44


So we basically shot ourselves in the foot and now we can't even go for a field goal.

            Clausen throws an incomplete pass to the right.


.......Turned TV off and walked away in agony......


Now use that template and let me know what was going through your mind on our final plays.

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