Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: Ravens @ Panthers Pre-Game Hour

For those of you expecting the game day open thread to launch at 12pm noon we are changing things up slightly for the remainder of the season. The first open thread of the day will launch at 1pm, putting us in line with many other SBN blogs. I always moved it up an hour for some pre-game chatter, inactive lists, etc...

Going forward the pre-game hour will be sponsored by Absolute and their Bloody Hour campaign. I have to admit it fits pretty well for the remainder of this Panthers season. We are all wondering how bloody today's game will be. As much as I try to prepare myself for this game I still can't help but hope they play inspired today, with the proverbial chip on their shoulder. I big play by the Panthers early would help the cause.

So if you've acquired a taste for Bloody Marys mix one up. Also, check out the Weekend Buffet Line, I found some of the by-lines for today's game pretty funny. I've got the Ranes vs. Panthers preview and today's inactives..

after the jump....



Ravens at Panthers

Blogs: Baltimore Beatdown and Cat Scratch Reader

Line: Ravens by 10.5

Announcers (CBS): Kevin Harlan and Solomon Wilcotts

Deciding Factor: How many times will Brian St. Pierre get sacked this week?

Hard-Hitting Analysis: This game will be interesting because... Just kidding, this game won't be interesting at all. But it's still fun to watch a good team like Baltimore beat the crap out of someone, and that's what should happen in Charlotte this weekend.


Here's more line-up news, Ravens OG is out:

Chris Chester, the Baltimore Ravens' starting right guard, won't play Sunday against the Carolina Panthers because he has a high fever caused by an infected cut, the Carroll County Times reported....Tony Moll is expected to start in Chester's place against the Panthers. The Ravens also promoted Bryan Mattison from the practice squad Saturday for guard depth and cut offensive tackle Scott Kooistra, an eight-year veteran who hadn't played in a game this season.

Today's Inactive Panthers:

Panthers inactives vs. Ravens: QB Clausen, RBs Stewart and Sutton, LG Wharton, WR LaFell, CB Hudson, DT Ed Johnson and third QB Edwards.

More commentary on the inactives:

Think about this. Ed Johnson was a starter. Lost his job to Nick Hayden. Now he's inactive for undrafted rookie (Temple) Andre Neblett.

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